Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!

So it's that time of year again when everyone does their 'what I did in 2011' blog post.  Even though they're kind of annoying I think they're a really good way of showing you all the things you have achieved during the year. It can make you feel good.  Especially if you focus on the positive things!

So... better late than never, here is mine!

2011 started in Dubai, watching the fireworks from a boat out at sea. I went to Atlantis waterpark, watched episodes of Miranda back to back, had a games night at my friend Brunos house, ate mexican food, made star trek cakes for Daves birthday, read a lot of Tintin books and went to see Tangled at the cinema with Henry. We ate magic stars. Yum.
'Casper and Jasper' was born, lots of experimentation was done, I went to china town with Adam and Jane and Kayleigh and ate sushi. Valentines day came along with a bunch of pink roses and a multicoloured rabbit.  I made a tiny book for Henry and also a fairy sized Victoria Stitch book. We saw the Sonic Manipulator in town and thought he was really cool. You Are Magic.  

Henry's birthday,  I made him a Zelda cake. My birthday, I dressed as Dorrie the little witch and had a fancy dress party.  We finished watching Twin Peaks but were disappointed with the ending. I went to Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy and Miniatura Dollhouse festival in Birmingham. I ate kinder egg, nutella, chocolate and pistachio gelato.  Henry's Grandmother made me a lace fairy.
Easter in Dubai, I ate lots of lebanese food.  I found out I came highly commended in the Macmillan Children's Book Prize for my Casper and Jasper book. We had a streetparty for the Royal Wedding. I caught up with some school friends, my mum bought me a galaxy dress and I went to see Disney's Cinderella at the cinema in London with Bruno and Erin.
I did two weeks work experience at Egmont publishing house.  Henry and I made and decorated tons of gingerbread men for a fair in Baldock (we didn't actually sell any!) We went tandeming.

I started writing my young fiction book.  Henry and I went to Wales with my family.  We cycled through London.  My friend Henrietta took us punting on the river in cambridge. My friend Erin turned 27 and I made her a chocolate dolphin cake, we went to a restaurant and played ring of fire.  I went to the hummingbird bakery in London for the first time ever with my cousins.  My grandparents had their Golden Wedding party. We went swimming in the sunshine lots.
I did lots and lots of writing.  We had picnics in the garden.  I discovered Scary Godmother by Jill Thompson.
I did a weeks work experience at Macmillan publishing house.  Henry and I went to visit his mum in Derby and went on a ghost train.  I drew lots of Victoria Stitch. I finally got my hands on 'Eg Er Ein Frosk.'

Met up with friends lots.  Forbidden Planet. Uni started again.  I had a dinner party and we played the hat game.  We watched Bruno's MA film.  A new picture book idea was born.  My sister became an air hostess.

Halloween.  Glamorous witch.  Henry carved pumpkins.  Black cat in a paper bag.  I got a dalmation spotted fur coat.  My grandmothers puppies were born.  I played techno kitten adventure. We ate apple and strawberry crumble made from apples from the garden.  
The pink hair came back! I made lots of miniature sets out of paper for my new project.  I watched lots of episodes of Bewitched.  We went to Henry's dads fireworks party and also James Mayhew's Arabian Nights concert.  I saw Kayleigh, Jane and Adam in London and we went to pizza hut. Henry and I had out two year anniversary.  We went to Aquasplash and had lots of walks in the countryside. 

Lots of tree decorating and seeing family  We watched Hogfather. I decorated a gingerbread house. Drank lots of bucks fizz.  I made and decorated stockings with my friend Nicola.  We had a swedish meal at Brunos house and ate reindeer (sorry rudolph!).  We did secret santa.  On Christmas day I had to run round the house doing a treasure hunt to find my present from Henry.  Got some new paints and some amazing new books.  Henry and I went up to Derby to visit his mother, we went to a chinese restaurant and did some bargain shopping! Sequins and glitter everywhere.

 New Years Resolutions
I have TONS of resolutions this year. So many that I think maybe I wont look at them as resolutions but as just goals to aim for or general things I want to do.  They include: Be more sociable, write another book, get a job(!) do more life drawing, look nice more often,   etc... etc... there are plenty more!

So that just about rounds it up for 2011.  I hope you too have had a wonderful year!

And here's a good motto for 2012!
'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.' 


Anne said...

What a lovely summery of 2011- sounds way more exciting than my year. Hope 2012 brings you more inspiration! Loving Victoria! xx

Stephanie said...

I love your recap of the year, enjoyed all your photos especially of your creative work. Hope the new year brings you new artistic pursuits and inspirations. As usual, I look forward to viewing your artistic talents. Happy New Year!

Anna Brinded said...

i won't be doing one of those myself, but i very much enjoyed reading yours! x

Steph B said...

*Life IS either a daring adventure or nothing at all!* Still watching your progress and the 3D art is SIMPLY AMAZING!

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