Sunday, 15 January 2012

Last of the Kitty Cat book

Here are the last two images from my most recent project. Little kitten and mother are... in a supermarket!

I wish this was really allowed in Tesco's...

These pictures are both created by building 3d sets from paper and then photographing them.  I made all the tiny boxes and tins of food myself.  Took rather a long time! Here (below) you can see them all laid out before I fixed them onto the shelves.

And these were the patterns I created and used to make all the little boxes themselves: 

Cute huh? I LOVE tiny things!

In fact I thought you might be interested to see some of the images I took whilst in the halfway/quarter stages of this project.  

This is the kitchen at the beginning.  At this point I had only done the floor and cabinets and curtains!  Looks bare doesn't it.

^but not for long!

This was the bedroom at the beginning. Bare again.  That cat bed took me ages by the way.  I sewed the little patchwork quilt by hand.

Also I made the wallpaper myself.  

Here's the supermarket checkout in it's full glory.  (that trolley was a NIGHTMARE to make!)

This was me experimenting with a sheet of rainbow colours and shining a light through it.  Didn't really work how I expected though!

This is the wallpaper I made for the hallway:

And finally here are some character designs for the little girl character!

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the processes this project has gone through.  It's been  real experiment, hard at times but very enjoyable.  I'm pleased with the outcome!

Also, I hope you've had a lovely weekend.  Mine was spent eating Lebanese food and seeing friends in London. We went to an exhibition all about lucky charms (called Charmed Life), the National Portrait Gallery, a really good art shop (spent a bit too much in there!) and 'Foyles' the bookshop. (I love Foyles! There are always such interesting books there.)

I also had a rather dramatic Saturday morning because my mum cut her finger badly and Henry and I had to take her to hospital.  But we won't go into details about that!

Love and Black Cats

p.s. I know I need to change my blog header as it's not Christmas anymore.  I'm working on it!


Anne said...

I would live to see how you set up all the different 'photos'/'chapters' of the stories.......does that make sense? glad no photos of your mums cock up ....uck.....

Anne said...

awesome xx

Anne said...


Jeca Martinez said...

these are so cool! I love tiny things too! Especially dollhouse stuff :D

Joanne Young Illustration said...

absolutely love this book

Stephanie said...

Super cool to see your work in action. I love the yellow outfit on the girl. Lots of imagination and very creative. Thanks for sharing and hope your mom is better with the finger. Thanks for not showing or going into too much details about it.

Aurora said...

Amazing work!