Saturday, 23 June 2012

a jumble of things...

Hi there!

A bit of a jumbled post today because I have been up to lots of different things this week. Let's start with the drawing!

Yesterday I went into London with my friend Sian to go to the V&A museum and draw.  I havn't sat down and done some proper observation drawing for ages so it was really good to get my pen and paper out and practice some.  We wandered around for quite a bit before hand and eventually settled on drawing some bottles and things in the glassware section.  I love drawing bottles. They are so satistying.

I have to mention here that the jewellery section in the V&A was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  It was by far my favourite section. I was sorry I forgot to bring my camera- though sparkles never seem to transfer that well into photograph anyway.  But ohmygosh the amount of sparkle and dazzlement in the jewellery section was incredible!  There must have been tons and tons of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, opals, sapphires etc in that one room. Also the jewellery was really interesting too, there were some really unusual designs. Oh how I wishI had remembered my camera! Will have to go back there.

I would also like to mention that the food hall in the V&A is also worth going to!  Some of the food is really expensive but I had a hummous wrap with chickpea salad and cucumber salad which was really nice (and one of the cheaper things) Also they give you massive portions! Always good.  As we were eating I kept being reminded about the book 'Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day' that I own.  It's a kids book about a little girl who goes to the V&A museum. Theres a really beautiful double page spread in there of the food hall- big round sparkly chandeliers and all!

So yes, that was my V&A adventure!

What else have I been up to this week? Well, I ordered a book called 'Palm Sized Softies,' which arrived the other day and which I have already made a couple of things from in my spare time. I used to sew a lot when I was younger and have recently been wanting to get back into it. I thought this book had a lot of fun projects in it that wouldn't take too long.  I really want to get comfortable with making different shaped animal heads so that I can create my own patterns.

I made this pink chihuahua with striped ears and goggly eyes.  I'm not sure the beads work so well for eyes- they stick out rather a lot.  I'm thinking I need to get my hands on some of those safety eyes...

... and I made this 'goat.'  I say 'goat' because I think it looks more like a lamb to be honest. I think it's pretty cute anyway even if it does have slightly wonky eyes.  I like it better than the chihuahua.

To make these two little animals I used felt.  I got a load of felt for Christmas which I hadn't used yet. It was the perfect time to get it out!

rainbow colours! My mum bought these in a Japanese shop in Dubai.
I love the caption on these packets of felt!
pattern cutting...
 And finally, a few little snippets of life lately:

a commission I was working on. Finished now.
beginning of the commission.
these books took me hours and hours to make!
as you can see there were a lot of books in this set. All labelled!
flowers from Henry
My little Barney
 I hope you have been having nice weeks!  What have you been up to? xox

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Stephanie said...

Great work on the commission and the out you had. Not much happening here. I will post photos of mine and hubby's painting at the start of July. I want to finish my month's worth of Vancouver shots first. Tomorrow is the reception for the member's show at the gallery. Have a great week! I like your little handmade animals.