Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Henry on Hornsea beach
Clouds over Hornsea beach
I love these little boats.
Henry standing under the whale bones in Whitby
There were sooo many sweetshops in Whitby!
Whitby rock
... and sooo many ice cream places!
... and crystal shops!
I love this necklace
Seagull chilling
I bought truffles and fudge from this shop
There were baskets of bottles everywhere for sale!
More bottles...
View of Whitby
Sealife centre at Scarborough
Looking through the porthole...
Mermaids purses. Baby sharks inside!
Henry rowing me around
I wanted to go in a dragon boat but we didn't have the change.
Practicing my water photography skills
Handsome Henry
Me on the wall. This was the sunniest day we had!
Bridlington beach
The arcade at Bridlington. We won a packet of fried egg sweets...
Henry racing
Little model houses
Little model harbour
Little model shops
Little model campsite!
Toppling people at a wedding!

Henry and I had a lovely time in Yorkshire.  The weather was a bit erratic but we made the most of it and spent a lot of time visiting places. We went to Whitby which was interesting because when I was younger I read a great book called 'The Whitby Witches,' which was set in Whitby.  It was cool to see all the places that were mentioned in the book, like the ruined abbey on top of the cliff.  I liked the shops in Whitby too. Lots of sweetshops, chocolate shops, fish and chip shops and jewellery shops. Henry told me that Whitby is famous for it's jet and there was a LOT of jet jewellery around.  There were also gothic and witchety hints everywhere.  Henry bought a chocolate strawberry cream filled coffin.

We also visited a sealife centre in Scarborough, had a speedboat ride in Bridlington, went rowing in a park, ate fish and chips, had a disastrous cycle ride, walked on the beach, drove around alot and went round a very run down model village where everything was mis matched and the miniature swimming pool had no water in it.  It was quite funny really. We actually managed to get a little bit sunburnt that day!

Anyway, now I am back and getting back into work again.  I hope you have all had fun exciting weeks. The sun seems to be out this morning so let's hope it stays that way!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday, and I love those model village photos!

Stephanie said...

Glad that you had a good holiday away and noticed you handled that new camera quite well. Nice shots! Somewhere in my blog is photos of the paintings that my husband and I each did, just scroll on down to older posts.