Tuesday, 14 August 2012

more drawing and some miniature stuff

Last post I mentioned that I went to a drawing session at the 'Art Nest' near where I live.  I went there again last week and also today.  I think it's really good for me to go and practice my drawing more.  It makes me actually have to sit down and draw something from life looking properly at the shapes and shadows rather than making things up and stylizing all the time.

Last week we drew onions and garlic.  I have to say I was rather pleased with my drawings- especially the garlic. It's been soooo long since I have really drawn something properly (I know that's bad!) so it's nice to discover that I havn't completely lost the knack altogether!
This is the drawing I am most pleased with. It was the last one I did.
I also took the opportunity to draw some of the other people at the session...

This was the same little girl as last week.

Also last week, I met up with two of my friends who I used to play the 'mascots' game a lot with when I was younger and we had a look through some of our old stuff.  It brought back a lot of memories!  I can't believe the amount of stuff we accumulated between us!  We were so obsessed.

Look at the dust covering Henrietta's dolls house! Kind of spooky, like Miss Havishams house...

dusty dining room
tiny puzzle and Henrietta's old mascot
miniature book I wrote and illustrated back in the day!
tiny clothes, a lot of them made by me.
i am jealous of those miniature trains
Just thought you might like to see some of the photos I took as some of the stuff is pretty cute.

Anyway, next post I will definitely be posting a new 3d illustration I did. About time hey! xox

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Anonymous said...

Aw, these posts are making me regret getting rid of my doll's house! It had one of those tiny trains in it too :)