Thursday, 2 August 2012

Paddington Bear and other things

In my town, a short walk away from my house there is a place called 'The Art Nest.'  I have always walked past it and thought it looked like a nice place.  It's the kind of place where creative workshops are held and paintings hang on the walls. 

On Tuesday I decided that I would try out 'The Art Nest' and go to their Drop in and Draw session.  I got my friend Henrietta to come with me and on Tuesday morning we went down there with one sketchbook between us and two pencils.  We wern't entirely sure what to bring!

Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed the drop in and draw session.  It made me realise how little life drawing I have done lately!  The task on Tuesday was to draw a loaf of bread- a french plait.  I have to confess I didn't spend the entire time just drawing the loaf of bread like everyone else.  I took the opportunity to draw the other tings on the table too like the fancy teacups and the other people at the class.  Another nice thing about the session was that they gave you tea and cake halfway through.  I tried apple and cinnamon tea which was really nice and which I now plan to buy.

My attempt.
Anyway I will definitely be returning to the drop in and draw session. It was nice to meet other artists in my hometown and also just to have a break from all my other illustration work.
quick sketch of the woman opposite me.
quick sketches of the little girl who was also opposite me

Also this week, whilst in town, I discovered this old Paddington Bear book.  It was in a charity shop for 50 p.  I was pleased to find it because I love Paddington Bear and found it interesting to see the more traditional illustrations.

There are aspects of this book that I really like. I like the scruffy strokes on Paddington.  I am still not sure whether I prefer these illustrations to the later ones though... Maye I just like them both the same!

I think a lot of people have had a go at drawing Paddington.  The very first person to draw him was Peggy Fortnum. I'm guessing these pictures would have been for the original stories- so for novels rather than picture books.

I think I like these ones best of all actually. They are so full of life!

Anyway, I digress. This post didn't actually mean to end up as a Paddington-through-the-ages post.  Though as we're on the subject I'd like to mention that my ABSOLUTE favourite version of Paddington is the one where he is a stop motion character.  Right here:

Ok enough of Paddington now. Finally I'd like you show you a little character I made the other week. I'm not quite sure what it is. it's maybe a little scary looking actually but I like it's eyelashes. I think it looks quite like a fennec. Sort of.

He/she is now sitting in my unfinished castle dolls house.  You can't really tell from the picture but he/she has a very pointy nose!

Well that's all for now folks! Have a nice day! :) XOX

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Stephanie said...

I love your drawings and doll! Keep it up on the drawings and post more when you have time.