Monday, 27 August 2012

Snow White and some exciting news!

After making the Ice Dancer that I wrote about in my previous post I felt inspired to make another dancing girl.  So here she is!

 Snow White

I think that really I am just getting addicted to making tiny tulle tutus!

Anyway, this picture is actually FOR SALE.  £40.00 plus p&p
For £40.00 you would receive:   

-the original artwork (ie the cardboard cut out doll, hand-painted with tulle skirt)
-one glossy (approx 9 inches by 6.5 inches) print

If interested please email me at harrietmuncaster(@)hotmail(.)com

Hope you like her! I think she's my favourite so far.  

Also, not a new thing for me (as all this happened back in April) but I haven't announced it on my blog yet. I AM GETTING PUBLISHED!!! I am so excited! My first book will be coming out in 2014 and it will be my Witch's Cat book that I wrote and illustrated for my final major project on my masters course. You may remember it if you are a follower of this blog...
In other news I have become obsessed with tiny letters recently. My mind just seems to get totally fixated on really small things sometimes. Why? I don't know but I couldn't rest until I made some tiny fairy letters and envelopes... no reason!

Not quite sure what to do with them now but at least they look cute.

Happy Monday everyone! xox


A.Diamantis said...

How wonderful! I will certainly be purchasing your book. Congratulations and keep it up!

Stephanie said...

Congrats and looking forward to more of your work.

Tam Hess said...

Wow, I just found your blog! So glad I did. I love tiny things too. Those letters are adorable. Congratulations on the book :)

Anonymous said...

wow i love this blog. so cute ♥ good work!