Monday, 17 September 2012

Stuart Little

I just wanted to write a short post about the book Sturt Little, I recently spotted it whilst at the library and realised that whilst i had seen the film I had never actually read the book.  If you read my blog regularly you will be aware that I love miniature things of any kind so Stuart Little is the ideal kind of book for me!

I was not really surprised to learn once i had read it, that the book is quite different from the film. it has a different ending, some different characters and Stuart Little has a much more shall we say moody personality in places.  There was one part which I thought was quite funny and unusual where Stuart meets another tiny person (called Harriet!!!) and takes her on a date.  Things don't go to plan and the canoe which he was planning to take her out boating on breaks. She's all like 'don't worry it will still be fun!' but Stuart gets disheartened and says everything is ruined. Harriet then asks him if he would like to escot her to a dance instead and Stuart says no! What a silly mouse! It was rather unexpected- especially as he was so nervous and looking forward to his date with Harriet.  This is the part of the book that stuck with me the most for some reason. I think I found it a bit surprising.

Anyway, I very much enjoyed reading 'Stuart Little' and it goes without saying that the illustrations are also beautiful!

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Jess said...

I love those illustrations, I didn't realise it was originally a book. Maybe you wouldn't have felt the same about his decision if you weren't in it! ;)
Jess xx