Sunday, 16 September 2012


Henry and I took a trip to Turkey last week. Henry's mum is a great fan of Turkey and goes out there often so we thought it would be fun to join her there for a while.  I have to say I have never been on a holiday quite like it before but I enjoyed it very much none the less! I wish I was still there!

Here are some of the things we saw and did:

turkish delight
we ate out A LOT!
Henry, me and his mother
ate chocolate gateau from a patisserie
Henry drinking iced tea
bought some tzatziki spice
ate turkish ice cream
more turkish delight
went on a crazy sofa ride in the sea
visited Icmeler- a quieter and more beautiful version of Marmaris
Did lots of swimming in the sea
posed on the mermaid fountain

It was such a good holiday! It was really hot there so we spent a lot of time dipping in and out of the sea and lying on sunbeds. We also had a turkish bath where we got loofah'ed down and them covered in foam and then had an all over body oil massage.  We ate out at so many restaurants.  Henry and I were keen to hunt down the more traditional local places rather than the touristy ones on the beach front.  We ate a lot of lentil soup and mezze.

One day we took a trip to the neighbouring town of Icmeler where we visited the marketplace and then went down to the beach.  It turned out the the beach at Icmeler was a lot nicer than the one in Marmaris so we ended up staying there for the whole day.  The sea was clear and bluey green, the sand was much nicer and it was a lot less touristy and crowded.  We ate pizza and greek salad for lunch.

Another day we went on a boat trip which was really fun. We were given breakfast, lunch and free drinks all day.  The boat kept stopping in coves where we were allowed to jump off and go swimming in the sea.  Henry brought his goggles and snorkel. A little speedboat came whizzing up beside us at one point selling ice cream.  It was an ice cream boat!

We had a really nice meal one night at a restaurant called Ali Baba's. It was traditional Turkish cuisine. Chickpeas, rice, aubergine, lentil soup etc.. Afterwards we watched the dancing fountains and then got Turkish ice cream.  Turkish ice cream is different to English ice cream. It stretches like chewing gum or mozzarella. It's also not quite as sweet. We got a tub of chocolate and blackcurrant together. It was a SUCH a good combination. We ate it on the seafront looking out to sea.

Ah looking at these photos just makes me want to be back there! In the sunshine. It's back to reality now...

Have you been anywhere nice this summer?


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Stephanie said...

I felt like I was there through your great photos of Turkey. Looks like you had a fabulous holiday. The food looks yummy and interesting.