Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Celestine at the Supermarket

Celestine has been busy designing and sewing her Halloween costumes for this year.  Here she is drawing in her little sketchbook.  She's very excited to show you what she's created but that will have to wait for another post. Hopefully tomorrow!

Meanwhile she has been accompanying us to the supermarket.  Henry and I like to go to the supermarket late at night if there's a big shop to do.  It's always quiet then and it feels like less of a time waste.  It also means Celestine can come out and explore!

She was very pleased because she discovered a pumpkin small enough for her at the supermarket- a munchkin pumpkin! (Well, it's still pretty large for her but better than a regular one) 

Now it's back to those Halloween costumes....


Plushpussycat said...

Sweet photos and story! I can't wait to see her Halloween costumes. The one in her notebook looks divine! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Really enjoying this. Are you going to put together a book on Celestine?

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I prefer shopping late too,much quieter and sometimes a bargain to be had :) I need a Celestine doll,Shes SO cute.Cant wait for next post with halloween costume.Happy Thursday! Xxx

Jess said...

I love those tiny pumpkins, they're so dinky and cute! Bit rubbish trying to eat them mind, but hey, that's not why I bought them last time!
Celestine is great, such a help with the shopping I'll bet, takes the boredom out of it with her charms!
Jess xx

Anonymous said...

LOVE. She so cute. I want a Celestine for me. sorry my bad english.