Sunday, 14 October 2012

Celestine goes boating

On Friday Celestine took her little boat and went for a paddle in the river.

It was a lovely sunny day and Celestine enjoyed bobbing along among the reeds.  It was all going well until she accidentally dropped the oars in the water!  Then her little boat went sailing away all on its own and she had to be rescued with a very long stick!  Can you see the frog in the water in the above picture?  It just hopped straight into the water from the riverbank and sat below the surface staring at Celestine's boat.  Who knows, maybe it was one of her friends come to say hello!

After being rescued, Celestine decided it was time to stay on dried land for a while so she took a walk through the corn field.

You can see my little dog in the picture above. 

How was your weekend? So far anyway. Mine was a bit slow to be honest. I think I worked so hard this week that by the time it got to the weekend I couldn't muster up enough energy to do anything useful or creative even though I really wanted to! I hate it when that happens. 

Things I did do though: a very small bit of halloween costume sewing, went on a dog walk, discovered a new love for brazilian darkness Roses chocolates, ordered a couple of Christmas presents, went swimming, thought about a new young fiction book idea, watched Prometheus and ate fishcakes, chips and quiche (though not all at the same time!)

Celestine as you know went boating. She enjoyed it so much on Friday that she decided to go again yesterday.  This time though she chose a rather more rapid and pebbly stream which maybe wasn't the best idea.  She put on her yellow raincoat and new woolly witch's hat (in preparation for Halloween) which was lucky as it was extremely splashy and rocky.  It was so rocky in fact that she ended up falling in and had to be carried home in a glove to stay warm. Poor Celestine.  She ended up sitting by the radiator with a cup of hot chocolate for the rest of the day. The water in that stream is icy cold!  It was also not a particularly nice day anyway. It was gloomy and rainy.

You can see how whizzy-fast the stream is by the blurred photo above!

Oh how I wish I was tiny enough to join her. I always think it would be so much fun to be a miniature person!


Plushpussycat said...

Fantastic photos and story, Victoria! You just brought me a little bit of joy--thank you! xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

i love celestine and your story in the boat. good week.

xo Bruna

Stephanie said...

Very cute and clever to take Celestine boating.

Tammie Lee said...

such a fun post
when i read what you did in a day it sounds so productive compared to my slow day!
love that last photo, the rocks all clear and her whizzing along.

i have to check out those chocolates!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

That is marvellous, she looks precious in the boat :)) x

Anonymous said...

I now have a great desire to make and photograph a miniature person!