Monday, 15 October 2012

The Little Witch / De Kleine Heks

Here comes Halloween book number three!

I first discovered these illustrations from the book 'De Kleine Heks' by Otfried Preussler' a year or so ago and I was immediately enchanted by the illustrations. I just love the way the little witch is drawn so charmingly. In fact I think these illustrations are some of my very favourite illustrations of witches I have ever seen!

Of course I wanted to buy the book straight away but alas it was not to be.  All I had to go on was the title 'De kleine Heks' and for some reason I couldn't find it anywhere!  Eventually (quite recently in fact) I did manage to find a copy of this book on Amazon and was extremely pleased to receive it in the post even though the illustrations in my copy were complketely in black and white. Then, because I wanted to know what the story was all about I looked up the words 'de kleine heks' on google translate and discovered they meant 'the little witch.'  That led me on to search 'The Little Witch' on Amazon and lo and behold there were fifteen copies of the book there for a fraction of the price. Oh well!  That'll teach me to do my research properly before buying a book.

Anyhow, I still love my copy even though it is in Dutch and I cannot understand a word of it. Maybe one day I'll buy a cheapy English copy and actually read the story.  For now though, looking at the wonderful illustrations will have to suffice!

Here's the blurb to the book in case you're interested. (Also I should mention that this is a young fiction book not a picture book!):

 'The little witch was only a hundred and twenty seven years old. That's not at all old for a witch.  She spent about six hours a day doing excersises in witchcraft, but she couldn't get her spells right.  Then she got into deep disgrace at the Walpurgis Night party. She was given a year to make herself into a good witch or be expelled.' 


Tammie Lee said...

such charming illustrations and it sounds like it might be a good story too. thank you for sharing the books you like... art you like. so far I have enjoyed every thing that you do!

Plushpussycat said...

Really charming, Victoria! The story sounds familiar--I wonder if I read it when I was a girl. Thanks for sharing with all of us. xo Jennifer

Jess said...

I agree, these are are great. I haven't seen them before and it's such a treat to find 'new' ones! It's funny because at the moment I'm looking at a book about witches that's illustrated by Malcolm Bird that we've had for years and was wondering if I should share them in a blogpost. I might just do that! I'll link back to you. :)
Jess xx

Anonymous said...

Love the illustrations too Victoria,I 'm popping over to Amazon,I think My daughter would like this book too,thanks for sharing...

Style Diaries said...

stunning illustrations!
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Eliana said...

You're right. These are the best illustrations of witch who've seen. ;)

Manon said...

I can help I am Nederlands/Dutch :) You only have to ask.

cinderella said...

As originally this is a german book, it was one of my favourite when I was a child - love it very much - "die kleine hexe". There are more from otfried preußler, of course, all so cute!
The stories are all very lovely, I also love "räuber hotzenplotz", "das kleine gespenst" and "der kleine wassermann" - try to get in english, it will be worth it definitely!
br, Steffi