Saturday, 1 December 2012

This and That (including Celestine goes to an exhibition)

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately, I've been really really busy these last couple of weeks.  I kept really wanting to update but with no chance. So here's an extra long post where I just smoosh everything in together!

Yesterday I went to London to see some friends and an exhibition at Foyles bookshop gallery. It was called 'The Enchanted Forest' exhibition.  All the illustrations were on a fairy tale theme which I liked very much. There was a lot of talent there.  It was interesting to see because a lot of the artists are artists who's blogs I follow so it was nice to view their illustrations in the flesh!

Anyway, Celestine of course wanted to come too.  She is also an artist you see, so she enjoys exhibitions as much as the rest of us.  She's also only every been to London once before and that time she had to stay inside my bag the whole time because I had meetings.

Celestine in her favourite coat (she wears it ALL the time!) and stripy french dress.
Which one to look at first?
Adam and Anna peruse...
Celestine in front of Sleeping Beauty by Yelena Bryksenkova
There were some books for sale on the table...
Celestine reads her own book for a while (she has a short attention span for looking at paintings)
Celestine sitting on Adam's shoulder.
So that was fun! And it was nice to catch up with uni friends too.

Today I helped out at a school Christmas fair, making snowflake fairies, soldiers and baubles with the children.  It was 'make your own Christmas decoration,'  I designed the decorations myself and the children could decorate them however they liked. I bought tons of glitter and sequins so they had a great time turning the table into a complete glitter bomb site- not that I am complaining, I LOVE glitter.  The fairies went down an absolute storm- the little girls really loved them. I showed them how to make paper snowflake skirts and wings for them.  Then we attached some string to the top of each decoration so they could hang them on the tree. I was crazy busy the entire time- I barely had time to eat lunch!

Here I am with my example decorations- fairy, bauble and soldier- before the fair started.
I was most pleased with the snowflake fairy I made.  She is so sparkly.  I am planning to make a few more before Christmas and put them on my tree.  I thought I would upload the pattern I drew and some instructions on how to make her in case you wanted to make one too!

Here's the pattern (below)  Hopefully it will come up full size if you click on it and then you can download it to your computer to print.

1- print the fairy onto some card

2- cut her out

3- decorate her however you like!  I coloured my one with black hair and then gave her a strapless glittery silver bodysuit. I also put spots of glitter in her hair and gave her a silver tiara.

4- make a paper doily- preferably looking like a snowflake.  Decorate it if you wish. I put snowflake sequins on mine to go with the theme.

5- cut a slit halfway into the doily and slide it onto the fairy's waist. Secure it with some glue or tape.

6- cut two wing shapes from tracing paper and glitter them up if you want to. Stick them onto the fairy's back and bend outwards so they look like they are sticking away from the body a little. 

7- attach a loop of string to the head.

8- hang her up and enjoy!

I was very pleased to be able to do a crafting session with the kids as I will be starting an after school craft club (at a different school) in January so it gave me some practice!  On Monday I had to prepare a 15 minute powerpoint for a school assembly to promote my new club. It was scary!  But also good to do. It made me realise that I still can get up in front of a room full of people and talk if I need to.

I have also recently: celebrated thanksgiving with some of my closest friends (I know we're not American but any excuse to get together and eat food is fine in my book!)  been hard at work on a character design for a publisher in the hope of getting a potential commission, got an agent!, watched Lord of the Rings for the first time (why have I not seen it before? It's so good!), welcomed my sister back home from being an air hostess in Dubai for a year and a half, been awarded Sharon's Sunbeam Award (thank you!), won a giveaway from Jennifer at Plushpussycat which I was absolutely thrilled about, got some fairies in the post which I will write about some time soon, made extremely chocolatey cookies which I discovered on Pinterest (I actually love Pinterest so much it's silly- so much inspiration on there!) and been desperately trying to find enough time to make Celestine a miniature advent calender before December the first! I obviously have failed at this last task but I m still planning to make it as soon as I can! In fact maybe I should go and do that now...

Hope you've had a good Saturday and listened to at least one Christmas song as it's officially allowed now. I know I have!



Plushpussycat said...

Celestine looks so sweet reading her book--love looking at her! Your fairies are wonderful--thank you for the fantastic pattern and tutorial. Congrats on getting an agent--woohoo! Thank you, too, for the mention about your win on my blog's giveaway! :-) Love your update. xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I love her!! :)

Stephanie said...

I adore Celestine! Thanks for sharing your day with us. Great stuff!

Vicky Lovejoy said...

Oh my goodness you've done so much since we last heard from you!!! I'm glad Celestine enjoyed her trip to London, I love her bag :) Your snowflake fairy is so gorgeous, I want to make one, thank you so much for sharing!!
Also congrats on doing so well with your work and on finding an agent!!! Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Anonymous said...

Ooh that exhibition sounds fab, wish I could get to it!

millefeuilles said...

Dear Celestine, you have excellent taste in exhibitions. I would thank Victoria for that ;-)

I simply love reading your posts; your enthusiasm for life is a joy to behold.


Sharon Souter said...

This was a lovely post - so full of interesting snippets. I was looking at the photo of you with your decorations and thought 'I wish I knew how to make that fairy!' and then Oooo - I scrolled down and there were all the instructions and a fairy to download and cut out! How fabulous is that!! Thanks for the mention as well - I couldn't think of a nicer blog to give my little sunbeam to this month.

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

That was wonderful, am happy she enjoyed! Love her outfit :) I shall print these out for girls, they will love it :)) Hope you have a great week doll xx

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful to catch up with you and hear about your days and nights. love your little dancing fairy! how wonderful that you did that with the children. perhaps you could hire yourself out for birthday parties!

wishing you the best with all of your projects.

Rachel said...

Wowee you've been so busy.

I love, love, love your snowflake fairy, she's sassy and pretty. :-)

I'm following you on pinterest now too.