Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 in review

Wow what a year! I think this year must have been my most momentous year so far! I just can't believe how many wonderful things have happened.


I saw my first piece of published work in a book shop.  I finished off work for 'I am a Witch's Cat' and prepared for my upcoming exhibition.  I made a new blog header.  I drew Victoria Stitch as a baby.  We watched Ladyhawke and ate vegetable pie. 


I had my MA exhibition at Foyles in London. I made a ballerina for Sian.  We ate chinese food in Chinatown with my grandmother and uncles. We made pancakes for pancake day.  I made Henry a tiny illustrated book for Valentines day.  It snowed.


Henry and I both had our birthdays.  I made him a Zelda cake and we had friends round for dinner. We also went to Dubai! I discovered the 'rainbow' drink (avocado, mango and strawberry-yum). We went cycling in Safa park, swimming in the sea, visited the aquarium, watched the dancing fountains from a french restaurant, ate shark, went to Wild Wadi water park, did lots of reading and marvelled at the jewellery in the gold souk.


I went back to Dubai with my family and cousin who was getting married. We talked a lot about weddings.  I got a book deal!!!  I finished a gothic-themed commission. I did some sample 2d illustration work to show to publishers.


We went to France for a few days for a friends wedding which was spectacular. We ate lot of cheese and cherries. I began re working on 'I am a Witch's cat' book.  I got a new camera! We went to a barn dance for my uncle's 50th.


I did lots of re-photographing for my 'I am a Witch's cat' book. I began to get back into sewing. There were lots of Jubilee celebrations. I went to the V&A in London and did drawing with Sian. I dyed the tips of my my hair blue and got the nickname 'ice queen' for a week. 


Henry and I went to Yorkshire with his Dad and Gran. We visited holiday places from his childhood, went to a run down miniature village, Visited Whitby, ate fish and chips and visited a sea life centre. I began to get the first inkling of an idea for a new novel.


I made two sparkly dancing girl illustrations. I met up with some friends and we looked at all our old childhood toys. I did lots of swimming with Rebecca.  I begged Henry to agree to go on holiday to Turkey (haha!) 


Henry and I went to Turkey with his mother! We ate out a lot, had a Turkish bath, visited Icmeler, swam in the sea a lot, went on a boat trip, lay on sunbeds and ate ice cream. Celestine was created. Also I went to Miniatura in Birmingham and discovered the wonderful work of Ursula Sturmer: Miniature Jeweller.


Henry and I held our long planned for Pumpkin dinner party.  I created my pumpkin house picture and made lots of tiny Halloween outfits for Celestine.  Henry bought me a fancy witch's hat.  I went on lots of walks. We visited Oxford for the day and I discovered a beautiful fairytale book illustrated by Su Blackwell.


I got an agent! We celebrated thanksgiving. Celestine did some baking.  I created a new blog header. We went to see the fireworks. Henry and I passed the three-years-of-being-together mark. We visited Henry's family in Nottingham and Derby where I found some tiny buttons and loads of exciting fabrics. I did an assembly!


Henry and I got engaged! I went to Dubai for Christmas and saw all my family together which was lovely. We had a wonderful pre Christmas dinner/party at Dave's house with my closest friends. We also had two more 'Christmas's- one with Henry's mum and one with his Dad and Gran. I made sparkling fairies with the children at the Christmas fair. I created my Victoria Stitch sleigh picture and sent out some Victoria Stitch christmas cards. All with lots of glitter.

So yes, 2012 has been a wonderful year for me!  I hope yours has too!

My resolution/goal for 2013 is to really try and earn enough money to be a full time illustrator without needing another income.  This should hopefully be possible now I have an agent but we will have to see! I feel like this year has been slightly relaxed in the illustration area but it was probably a relaxation that was needed after five and a half years of studying!  I mean I have been doing illustration work and of course I have my book deals to work on etc but I haven't been working quite as intensely as I was before. I think this was down to being a bit in limbo after finishing my MA, getting used to working from home and the fact that I haven't had quite enough work to fill my time. Now that I have an agent I have seen that this has already begun to change and my schedule is already pretty busy for the next few months.  So here's to a busy 2013!

Do you have any New Years resolutions?



p.s: 2010 review here and 2011 review here.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Harriet!
Wow ,what a fantastic year,you have packed so much in. Wishing You all good things for 2013.

Sharon Souter said...

I loved seeing your year in review - especially the examples of your work I missed before I found your blog! Hope you have had a very Happy New Year and will enjoy a wonderful 12 months to come.

Plushpussycat said...

Your year in review was fantastic! What a year you've had, too! I, too, loved seeing the things I'd missed before finding your blog, Harriet! Here's to more fun in the coming year! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Harriet, have a happy new year, filled with many new possibilities, new ventures and more fabulous creations. Loved your year in review.

Anne said...

This is super!!!! I am also so very proud to own a Victoria Stitch Xmas card..xx Hope 2013 is going to be the year you start to get more work commissioned and published. Mwah xx

Madi said...

Such an amazing year, I hope 2013 is just as awesome for you! Really excited to see your illustrations over the next year, I love your work. :] x

Manon said...

If this year is going to be like last year for you, I can guarantee you I will be glued to the screen! ManonX

Rachel said...

What a fantastic year you've had. :-)

2013 is going to be very exciting!

Vicky Lovejoy said...

What an amazing year!! So much has happened in your life and I'm so happy that you're doing so well as an illustrator, your work is divine!! Your engagement to Henry was such a fantastic note to end on and I'm sure that 2013 will bring lots more wonderful things!!
Hugs and happy new year!!
Vicky ♥ ♥