Sunday, 27 January 2013

City of London Dollshouse Fair

Ok so here's a post for the miniaturists!

This morning I went up to London to the City of London Dollshouse Fair with my friend Sian. (who for the record is not majorly into miniature things like me but was interested in coming to see what a dollshouse fair was like.)  It was held in the Tower Hotel by the river Thames and it was a lovely sunny (albeit a bit windy) day. 

Of course Celestine popped into my bag too at the last minute and here's a picture of her in front of the Tower Bridge in her new dalmatian print coat.

My favourite stall at the fair was owned by a very nice lady who I think was German.  She specialized in making the most tiny and amazing miniature tapestries. However she wasn't actually selling any of her tapestries (she said they took too long to make)- she was selling things on behalf of other miniaturists including Ursula Sturmer! I was so excited to see some more of Ursula Sturmers miniature jewellery and I might just have ended up buying a piece...

Here are a couple of the necklaces that were on display- this photo does not do them justice at all though! They are the kind of things you need to see in real like to really appreciate the sparkle and beauty of them.

Also on the same stall there were some absolutely beautiful miniature bags. From Italy! Made from what I presumed was Italian leather.  I so wanted to buy a little bag for Celestine but two things stopped me. One was the price (which was sky high!) and the other was that they didn't open. I am pedantic about miniature things actually being able to work. So no bag for me. But they really were absolutely gorgeous. I think my favourite was the polar bear one. Unfortunately there was nothing to say who made them and I forgot to ask!

Then on this same stall there were some miniature books which were actually readable and full of miniature illustrations and writing.  I am a sucker for tiny weeny books- they are the cutest things ever.  Again I can't tell you who made them unfortunately- sorry- I wish I had asked! 

And here are a couple more pictures I took at the show at different stalls:

I have to say I went to this fair with the best intentions of buying only useful things for the decoration of my castle like wallpapers and flooring and lighting.  However I failed miserably! I always get side tracked by accessories and ended up only buying a really tiny Paddington Bear, an Ursula Sturmer necklace and a Beauty and the Beast book. Ah well never mind...

I will take photos of the things I bought but I have given them to Henry to give to me for my birthday. So I will have to wait until March to have them!

So that was that!

I hope you had a good weekend.  I am kind of glad the snow has gone now. Last weekend we were supposed to go up to Derby to visit Henry's mother but couldn't because of it. This was taken just before we realised we wouldn't be able to go. Even Celestine was all ready to go. Then it started blizzarding snowflakes and we had to cancel the trip.

Anyway we made up for it by going this weekend instead. We went to Nottingham and Derby to see both sides of Henry's family and had a great time. We: had a roast dinner with his dad and Gran, went for an icy walk up some hills and down by the river Trent, talked about wedding cakes, inherited some old picture books they didn't want/need anymore (yesss!) drove to Derby to see his mother, saw her newly decorated house which made us feel like we were sleeping in a hotel room (in a good way!) watched lots of TV, ate reeeally nice cheeseburgers and chips and choco cake. drank bucks fizz to celebrate our engagement and Henry's mum's new job, walked the dog in the park, watched a documentary of Raymond Briggs (one of my favourite illustrators of all time and it was so inspiring) went into the city and bought tiny buttons and starry fabric and some really nice Tinkerbell perfume from the Disney store which was reduced to almost nothing (I adore Tinkerbell!) and had a Lebenese takeaway which we had to drive out in the snow to collect. But it was worth it! We love Lebanese food.

Ok reading this whole post makes it look like I've had a very indulgent weekend. Which I guess I have! 

What did you do this weekend?


The Dainty Dolls House said...

This looks like a fun time, I like it :) Am glad you go to go and have fun :) Have a marvellous week xx

Plushpussycat said...

I LOVE Celestine's new coat! Your birthday gifts sound divine--I can't wait to see them! Thanks for showing photos from the miniatures fair--how fun! I did some crafting as part of a regular craft circle I attend. It was fun to see friends and get creative. xo Jennifer

Barbara said...

I so enjoyed this post - what a great fair!

Anne said...

just love your blogs Victoria!!! xx

Balwinder Kumar Grover said...

i really love this ,superb dear.