Thursday, 21 February 2013

Brambly Hedge: Spring Story

With Spring just around the corner I am reminded of the Brambly Hedge books from my childhood- specifically this one:

I used to love the Brambly hedge books (still do!) and one reason is because the pictures are so beautifully detailed.  I especially like the 'cut-through' scenes where you can see all the little rooms through the wall of the tree.  It looks like a mouse dolls house!

In case you havn't come across Brambly Hedge before they are a series of quaint little books about the mice who live in the hedgerow.  There is Spring Story, Summer Story, Autumn Story and Winter Story and then a few others besides.

Spring Story is all about the birthday of Wilfred Toadflax- an overexciteable little mouse who lives with his family in the hornbeam tree.  It's a gentle, joyful, sunny story about how the mice of Brambly hedge organise a surprise picnic for his birthday. 

I love the tranquil, magical world which Jill Barklem creates in the Brambly Hedge books.  I also love how in a way this world is based in the real English countryside.  It makes you really appreciate the beauty of nature because whilst the mice and their houses etc are all fantasy, the surroundings are not.  The English countryside can be really beautiful!

Did you used to read Brambly Hedge?


Tammie Lee said...

such charming and wonderful images

i can not imagine putting so many details in a painting

but the details make it all so magical and fun to see!

Plushpussycat said...

I recently borrowed as many as I could get from the library. They are magical books that I could read over and over again. xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Never heard of this series. Enjoyed viewing through your eyes, very cute illustrations.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Oooh this book is too precious. I love it!! So many details. I hope you have a sweet weekend xx

Vicky Lovejoy said...

I LOVE Brambly Hedge!! I have lots of them and I love looking at the pictures. The world feels so safe and cosy in a Brambly Hedge book :) Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Anonymous said...

I remember in about 1980 going to Loughton college in Essex and one of my classmates was Jill Barklem's friend. Enchanting illustrations. In the 1980's I had a Brambly Hedge Pattern book and made quite a few 'toy' mice. They were very fiddly to make - but lovely. You would be able to make them easily - looking at all the amazing tiny things you have made. Congratulations on your Engagement.

Jane Chérie said...

I absolutely adore Brambly Hedge! I have the books and the movie too! If you have not seen them yet, you are missing out! It is absolutely darling!