Sunday, 23 June 2013

Celestine: Flower Princess

I meant to upload this (Celestine picture number 6- must mean I've kept this up for 6 weeks now!) on Friday- midsummer's day but ran out of time.  I was so busy preparing for the ball we were going to. Midsummer's day marked exactly one year until Henry and I get married!

The ball we went to was the Flank Company's Ball in London.  my Grandparents took my whole family to it because my Grandfather used to be a pikeman which is why they are able to get tickets for it.  I have always wanted to go since I was really little I heard there is a carousel there that you can just hop on and off all night for free. Unfortunately the carousel wasn't there when we went but there was a ferris wheel. Henry and I happened to be sitting on the top of the ferris wheel while they were loading people on and off it when the fireworks started going off!

This is all of us at my cousins house just before we left for the ball. We had to hire a coach to get us all there!

I put a lot of effort into my outfit for the ball. My mum made me my dress. It was black with silver stars dotted all over it. I decided I wanted black hair to match my dress too so Henry helped me dye it (just semi permanent) on Friday morning. That was a bit of a mistake!  We both ended up with blue stained all over us and it took a LOT of scrubbing to get it out. In fact I didn't manage to get it all off and still had blue ears for the ball.  Also the colour didn't quite come out as I thought it would. It was a bit greenish/grey with blue tips at the bottom.  I think it looked all right though. But for the stress of it all I am never dying my hair on the day of an event again!

I was sort of using this ball as a kind of test run for the wedding hair-wise. I chose the style I wanted it for when we got married and got it done that way.  I'm glad I did as I don't think it will work very well for the wedding. It fell flat and looked a bit messy after not very long. 

It took me a whole day to get ready. I think this was down to dying my hair, getting it put up in the hairdressers and applying individual false eyelashes to my eyes. I have always been interested in trying those individual false eyelashes as Henry's mum uses them and they look really good. Also I like the fact you can just leave them on until they fall off.  I was impressed with how they looked- I am going to use them when I get married but they did take me ages to put on!

So things I learnt from this ball for the wedding are:

1- Don't do anything major like dye my hair on the actual day of the wedding.
2- wear the individual false eyelashes but maybe get some one else to put them on for me.
3- Think of a different hairstyle.

ANYWAY apart from all that I was pretty happy with how my outfit came together.  Henry wore a matching bow tie made from the same fabric as my dress.

There were lots of different rooms with different things going on in them at the ball. There was a room where you could go and have your face painted by a make up artist. I had a star and glitter pattern painted round my eye. Then you could have a photo taken in the photobooth there.  We did that too.  It was really fun.  I really enjoyed just being there with all my family and getting to dress up loads and dance.  It was a great night! 


Vicky Lovejoy said...

I love your new Celestine picture and you look so amazing in your ball outfit!! I really like how your hair turned out but I hope your ears are back to their normal colour now :) Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Harriet, love the latest Celestine picture :o)
You look wonderful on Your midsummers trip. Love Your dress and your hair.
How exciting under a year now until Your big day.

Sharon Souter said...

Celestine looks lovely and so do you. I really like the sparkly effect of the starry fabric of your dress.

Tammie Lee said...

such cute, adorable and fun photos of you two! love the dress your mum made you, it looks fab on you!

sounds like a fun event

and Celestine is cute as can be, i love how you do her eye lashes.

Plushpussycat said...

Gorgeous photos and great lessons learned. Thanks for sharing! xo Jennifer

Catherine Constance said...

You all look gorgeous. Yes, dyeing your hair on the day...never a good idea. My uncle was a Pikeman - Duggie Dugdale. When I was little he took us to quite a few Lord Mayor do's...great fun.

Erin K said...

Celestine is always so cute! =) I adore her little outfit here.

You look so lovely in your dress. You'd never know the trouble you went to with the hair at all...looks gorgeous! You all looked like you had an awesome time. <3