Saturday, 8 June 2013

fun in the sun

 From top to bottom:

1- A drawing I just did for myself.
2- Some jewels I found for really cheap and snapped up immediately. I have always loved those iridescent glass beads.
3- A melting crayon picture- an activity for the kids at my craft club.
4- Work in progress...
5- Celestine trying on a clown hat.
6- A walk we went on the other day when it was really sunny.
7- Celestine went rowing in the river.
8- Moneypennies/fairy purses.
9- Barney leaping though the field. He is so funny when he does that. The grass is taller than him so you just see his little face popping up as he bounces through it.
10- Celestine in the garden at sunset.
11- Flowers in the garden.
12- We went swimming in my Grandparent's pool.
13- And I tried out my new underwater camera.
14- Celestine went rowing in the swimming pool. She loves her little boat.

Other things:

-I am loving this sunny weather- long may it last. It has meant we have been able to eat in the garden lots on the picnic rug.  The only downside is that I sooo don't feel like getting back to work afterwards!

-We ate really nice home made calzone's while watching The dead Poet's Society. In fact we had them twice over the last week as Henry made four of them. Yum.

-Today we went to my friend's 21'st birthday party. It was kid party themed with space hoppers, pass the parcel and lots of other garden games plus alcohol. It was certainly a fun theme! We even got given a party bag when we left. AND there was a Cindy birthday cake- you know the ones where there's a Cindy doll stuck in the top with a big skirt made of cake.

Hope you've been having fun and enjoying the sunny weather.

Until next time!



Kyle Lefort said...

That doll is very brave. ^_^

Vicky Lovejoy said...

I'm glad your enjoying all this wonderful sunshine, I'm loving it too and I agree, long may it last!!! I always enjoy looking at your photos, your drawing is amazing and the party sounds so fun :) Wishing you lots of happy sunny days, hugs xxx

Eliana said...

Amazing pics! =)

Tammie Lee said...

i love your top drawing
the smoke is amazing
you are so creative and talented
but really i hope Celestine gives up smoking while she is young

looks like you are having so much fun
and entirely creative times
yea sunshine ~

Stephanie said...

Wow on all the photos. Great drawing, Celestine doing things outside especially rowing in the boat. We are having some nice days, just wish it was a wee bit warmer.

Jane Chérie said...

Celestine rowing in that boat is really cute!!!!

Plushpussycat said...

Oh my! Celestine's tiny hats are so darling! I love the photo of her in the swimming pool too! xo Jennifer