Saturday, 29 June 2013

This Week...

I designed a necklace for the wedding and my mum cleverly started to make it. We all watched Wuthering Heights. I did an hour long cycle before starting work.

Celestine got a new bicycle which actually works!  It has a miniature chain and everything.  I did an hour long cycle again. Had one of my craft clubs.

We went up to London in the evening to have dinner with my Grandfather and his wife who were over from America. Popped into the Illustration Cupboard beforehand and saw lots of original artworks by famous book illustrators. We had a posh meal in a posh place- lobster pasta for me! Celestine came too.

Henry and I started looking at houses online. We want to buy one. I had my other craft club. Am very impressed by the 'mosaic' one of the children has made (below) We had dinner at a family friend's house- ate crab croquettes.

Work in progress (below) Henry and I had out first house viewing in the evening. Afterwards we went on a cycle round our town to look at houses in different areas.

Hope your week was good!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very busy week! Love Celestines new bike,how clever is that! Good luck with the house hunting,exciting times ahead :) love the design of the necklace too ,happy weekend,hows the castle coming along? Xxx

Vicky Lovejoy said...

It sounds like it's been an exciting week!! I love the necklace and Celestine's bike!! I hope you an Henry will find a home you can be really happy in, good luck!! Hugs Vicky xx

Tammie Lee said...


sounds like you have been doing wonderful things! such a magical necklace! how fun that it is teamwork with your mum.

everything looks fabulous!

Plushpussycat said...

Love your necklace design, and Celestine looks so darling on her bicycle and with her map. Sounds like a great week! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Celestine looks almost real on the bike and then with the big people towering over her. Happy house hunting!

Anonymous said...

Celestine's bicycle is to die for! I'm a little jealous, actually. Looks like a fabulous week!

Erin K said...

Hi Victoria! Wow, sounds like you've been quite busy this week doing all sorts of craft and wonderful goodness. Celestine's bike is too cute and she looks pretty happy to have one to go cycling with you. ^_^ Such a gorgeous necklace too...looks like you took the stars down from the sky to make it. Happy week to you! <3

dawn said...

I love Celestine, she is adorable! You are house hunting and wedding planning all in one go? I am in awe! (Lovely necklace too) :) Fortunately my other half already had his own place, but once we are married, it will be our turn to start house hunting for the first time together. Good luck with your search :)