Monday, 10 June 2013

Tottie: The Story of a Dolls' House

Recently I remembered a book I used to own when I was younger called 'Tottie' by Rumer Godden. There was a particular illustration in it that I really loved. Immediately I went into the attic to try and find it again but to no avail. After some searching I ordered another copy off Amazon for 1 pence (well plus postage)  It arrived the other day and I am so glad I am able to look at the illustrations again! I don't think I appreciated them fully as a child.

To give a very brief synopsis, 'Tottie' is the story of a little wooden dutch doll who lives in a dolls house with her mismatched 'family' of other dolls- Mr Plantaganet, Birdie, Apple and Darner the dog. They all live happily together until a selfish china doll moves in and their existence begins to be threatened.  In fact one of the dolls meets a sad and shocking end. There are some quite dark undertones to the book.

However, as much as I loved the story (I think I read it several times as a child) I want to focus more on the illustrations. I think illustrations in chapter books can often get a bit overlooked. And these ones (by Joanna Jamieson) are just beautiful. They really capture the charm of the dolls and the story.

The illustration I particularly love by the way is the one of Tottie sitting in the hand wearing her cape and muff.

Did you ever read this book? I think it was one of my favourites.


Jess said...

I remember that was a children's series on TV! My eldest daughter used to love it. I've often thought since that time that Tottie is no longer a name that couldn't be used today! ;)

Jane Chérie said...

Those are such pretty illustrations!!! I am now looking for that book!

Stephanie said...

Nice illustrations! Looks like photobucket is acting up, photos not showing.

Sarah said...

What a lovely book, thanks for sharing!I want to know what happens to the doll?!?!? I love that photo of Celestine in her row boat! x