Sunday, 29 September 2013

Celestine Forest Princess (and Miniatura)

Well it's been a funny week.  I have been feeling a bit stressed- partly because I didn't feel well over the weekend (overtired) partly work and partly just a few other things. But it's ok now- I am bouncing back! On the day I really didn't feel well Henry thought it would perk me up to go for a walk. So we drove to this place where he wanted to try out walking. It was very foresty and hilly. Henry has taken to carrying an I-spy book with him on walks lately so we spied lots of mushrooms in the foresty undergrowth.  So that was quite nice- although I was still feeling ill- and Barney was having a whale of a time bouncing about and chewing his stick but then... then we got lost! We couldn't find our way back to the car park. We ended up walking around for way longer than either of us wanted to.  Plus it was just before lunch and we were both really hungry. And did I mention I was feeling ill? It wasn't great at that point. Luckily we came across another car park and a business man on his lunch break gave us a lift in the end. Which was nice of him.  Poor little Barney though- he's only got little legs- ended up having such a long and exciting walk that he was completely wiped out for the rest of the day and the following day. He couldn't even manage to climb up the stairs! He's recovered now though.

On Saturday I drove to Miniatura in Birmingham. Henry came but sat outside and did work.  I didn't end up buying anything that exciting but I did get a table and chairs for the dining room in my castle and some shelves- though I discovered when I got them home that my miniature books are too big for them- ironic! I also got a few other little things but nothing that exciting or expensive. It is nice to just walk around and marvel at everything though. The detail and craftsmanship that goes into some of the tiny pieces is incredible! I managed to take some photos but not very many...

The two bottom pictures are Sally Meekins Ceramics.

So that was a fun trip for me- not so much Henry!  But then we went into Birmingham afterwards and went to Forbidden Planet and Cex and the like. And looks around- none of us had been to Birmingham before. It took us ages to drive into it and find parking and we almost gave up but we were glad we didn't. Once we found something to eat there we had fun looking around.

Other things lately:
- Though I say it myself I baked a really good chocolate cake- it was the one thing I managed to achieve on my not feeling well day.
- Celestine had a birthday and now won't take her birthday crown off.

Hmm... that's all I can think of! Hope you had a lovely weekend!  


Tammie Lee said...

ahhh, no fun to get lost while you do not feel well. your little drawing is so charming!
I don't feel well today and had to cancel a feast with some friends that i shopped for yesterday and spent hours prepping for.... oye

Stephanie said...

Great minatures and collages.

Jane Chérie said...

I know what you mean with e driving-around woes. But it's good you and Henry did enjoy the weekend despite all that. Your drawings of Celestine are always so pretty!

Plushpussycat said...

I love the top two photos from Miniatura. If only we had such cute choices in Portland and Seattle! *sigh* xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Hope Your feeling all better now,
lovely minatures, xxxx