Thursday, 19 September 2013

spotty bags and chandeliers

Last weekend Henry and I took a trip to St Albans. I had mentioned that I thought it would be nice to do a proper outing and was getting a bit cooped up with my work and so Henry suggested we went to St Albans on the Saturday.  It was a nice thing to do actually even though it was so grey and drizzly. (I swear it's been non stop rain ever since we came back from holiday!) We started by having Cornish pasties at the West Cornwall Pasty Co. (reliving the Cornish memories!- I so wish I was still there...) and then had a look round the shops. We ended up buying matching pairs of proper walking boots as Henry was in need of new walking boots and I didn't have any to start with. We got the real proper ones- as an investment! We do like walking. I also got a new bright pink raincoat because my old one was so old and ugly. What exciting purchases! haha.

We also went up the clock tower which had some VERY thin and spirally steps. That's where these pictures were taken (look at that grey sky!) Of course Celestine came too and wore her yellow rain coat and rain boots.

^^That's the (what has become known as the toadstool) bag I bought in Cornwall. Talking of red spotty bags I never posted about this hold all bag I made for Celestine before we went on holiday.  It was sort of an experiment but turned out really well! 

I was inspired by this stylish tartan barbie bag I saw in etsy. Celestine was rather taken with it and wanted to buy it but the measurements of it would have been too big for her. So I made one instead. It's not quite as nice as the tartan one but at least it matches her dress! And fits a lot of her clothes in too. It's more spacious than it looks. I think ideally it would have a smaller zip but as I was only experimenting I didn't want to spend money on hunting down the perfect zip.  By the way, the backgrounds of those pictures are rooms in my castle- still very much a work in progress! 

Oh and here's another little project I did recently. This one is for work though. I needed a sparkly silver chandelier for a set I was making so bought a cheapish plain one and jazzed it up with glitter and gems.  it's only stuck together with the gluegun and PVA so it's not durable enough to go in an actual dollshouse or anything but works perfectly for my illustration work. 

So yes quite chuffed with that.

I really haven't done much else apart from work since I got back from Cornwall.  I've been trying to continue with bike rides for exercise but it's very difficult when the weather is so rainy. I think I'm going to have to switch to swimming instead soon.  How I wish I had a swimming pool in my house.

side-note: My ideal house: Would be castle shaped. I would have a studio in the turret with windows going all the way round to let in lots of light. I would have a moat shaped swimming pool to do lengths in round the castle. I would have stairs with a slide next to them so you could slide down and walk up. I would have a jacuzzi/hot tub in the top of one of the turrets with a glass ceiling so you could see the stars though it. I would have a black and white chequered floor in the entrance hall and stained glass windows with pictures in them. I would have multicoloured chandeliers and star patterned wallapaper. THAT would be my perfect house!

And this weekend I am going to Miniatura in Birmingham! So very much looking forward to that. Especially after an intense week of work. It will be nice to have a break for a few hours. I find it's very important to go on trips/do exercise when working from home plus working weekends. Otherwise I go crazy. And I think it helps the work too. 

Anyone else going to Miniatura this weekend? I will report back anyhow!

Now I must go to bed. Goodnight! X


Stephanie said...

Fun post, great followup after your holiday. Love the bags, yours and Celestine's, her outfit is cute!

goudenregen said...

Lovely bag! And the castle photo's look great. Love the black and white tiled floor.

Jane Chérie said...

I love Celestine's bag and the upgrade you made on the chandelier! Your perfect castle home sounds great to me! You make me think about what I would like to have as perfect house! Have a great weekend!

Tammie Lee said...

I hope you can take photos to share with us at the miniatura!

love that little bag you made for Celestine.

You and your honey look so happy, which makes me happy for you!

Plushpussycat said...

I love Celestine's red polka dot bag--you did an amazing job. Have a great time at Miniatura! xo Jennifer