Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween love, Celestine

Celestine feels swish in her black and green witch hat. All ready for Halloween.

This past weekend Henry and I went up to Derby to visit his mother. It was a fun weekend. We visited Bakewell and looked at Bakewell puddings and Bakewell tarts but ate neither. We parked in a muddy field, looked round a craft fair and farmers market, bought some whiskey based gifts, ate pasties for lunch and had tea and cake. (or rum truffle in my (and Celestine's) case)

(^^some of those photos are from a walk we went on last week, some are from Bakewell)

I have decided that I really like the Derbyshire countryside, all those rolling hills and windy roads and stone walls. Different front the countryside near where I live.

Also in Bakewell I discovered HAIR TINSEL!!! The sparkliest of sparkly hair extensions. I really want some now! I am going to have to investigate further... they were so dazzly.

On the Sunday Henry and I popped into Derby. We stopped at a stand in the mall called Chai Fusions because Henry loves tea and is interested in all different sorts of tea. The man there was so nice and explained how he made everything fresh and authentically to how they would in India. All the herbs and spices were laid out and he had a pan boiling to make the tea. We decided to sit down and have some. I am not really a tea person at all- I never drink it but I had some tulsi chai and it was delicious. It was SO aromatic and herby and well I can't really think of how to describe it. But it was extremely delicious. And also apparently a mood booster. And I did feel mood boosted after it! ALSO the man came and gave us a free samosa with some chickpea stuff and chutney etc to share as it wasn't very busy which was also nice. We bought some to take away for lunch. I recommend going to Chai Fusions if you happen to be in the Derby shopping centre! (Also we got a taste of some Masala Chai ice cream which was interesting- in a good way. Tea ice cream!)

^^ Celestine in the tea shop. She very much enjoyed herself in Bakewell.

What else? Other than going to Derby I have mainly been working (as usual- I know, boring update.) I have also been gemming a lot of things up of late. Mostly for work related things but also a couple of other things for my castle like the silver chair and the jewellery box. The jewellery box is going to be Celestine's Christmas present (shh!). She does love jewels! If you didn't already know Celestine is in fact a jewellery designer. A designer of miniature jewellery of course!

So that is that.

Also Lately: Talking about jewellery I finally got around to getting a gold chain for my locket and so now I can finally wear it! Which is very pleasing for me // I looked at a lot of swarovski jewellery in Derby- oh the sparkles! // bought some Christmas presents (for myself! haha) // watched two horror films in Derby- The Ring and Mirrors // Henry got a new phone // Went to London and had a great evening with friends in Pizza Express // new jumpers // went on a very rainy walk in the bluebell wood...

That is all I can think to say of the fascinating things I have been up to lately...

Here's a picture of Celestine enjoying an Autumn walk. She was collecting berries. Of course she could only fit one berry in her little basket! But one berry is enough for Celestine. She boiled it up with some sugar and ate it for pudding. 

Happy Halloween! (for tomorrow)



Vicky Lovejoy said...

Happy Halloween for tommorrow!! I love the beautiful picture of Celestine!! I'm glad you had a lovely time in Derbyshire, I agree the countryside is beautiful.
hugs for you and Celestine :) Vicky ♥

Jane Chérie said...

Celestine looks very fashionable in her tiny coat and that bright red bag is beautiful! I love tea and you are so lucky to have found a nice tea shop. They are quite rare here. Have a happy Halloween!

Tammie Lee said...

Celestine's hat is wonderful, i wish i had one like it for a party tonight, or maybe for most days ;-)

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, that also looks like a sweet tea shop. How wonderful!

Eliana said...

Great photos! Happy Halloween for you too!

Plushpussycat said...

Happy Halloween, Harriet! I see that your castle is really coming along. That furniture looks fantastic! I am dying to see more! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Celestine looks great in her new tiny coat. I really like how you got her set up for the camera in different settings. Have a great Halloween day tomorrow!

Amazing wonders in my life said...

Very cute...... Loved the entire series