Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tinkerbell: Winter Chic (and other things)

This Tink inspired fairy has been lying around my room for months now. I spotted her the other day and decided it was high time she got a photograph done! So whilst I already had my camera and tripod set up for taking photos of my work I thought I would just take a picture of Tinkerbell too.  And wasn't she pleased to have one. It's actually a table decoration I made for the wedding next year. I had this idea that I would put fairies on all the tables. So far I have made... two.  Yeah need to get going on that! 

What else?

I've been working a lot- perpetually covered in glitter- luckily I don't mind! I have noticed that Henry always has bits of glitter on his face lately too (sorry!). It just gets everywhere! Good job I love it so much.

Here are a few little snippets from lately. It's been a while...

Left to right: work // work // nice fabrics I bought (I really wanted to make Celestine a little tweedy cape-y thing) // work // doodles of my dino kids I did in a cafe one lunchtime when Henry and I actually ate out // starry chest I painted for the castle.

Other things: harvest supper, torch light walks, Pizza Hut in London with uni friends, painting gold and silver furniture, swarovski crystals (I wish they weren't so expensive!) more fabric buying, trying to find pieces for a 'jewel' patchwork quilt, stuffed squashes and a wii night with friends, orange and strawberry juice (my new fave) lots of rain, new cat mittens from Henry (and actually having to wear them in the cold!) getting some sample Witch's Cat 'books' in the post (!! exciting!) eating indian and watching anime, Henry working a lot (he's training to be a teacher and has lots of homework!) watching quite a few horror films, coveting tiny moomins on ebay, discovering an amazing new picture book (which I can't afford boo! Christmas present maybe?) reading Comet in Moominland again (Something about this time of year makes me want to read the moomin books) and Celestine has been playing on her Carousel:



Plushpussycat said...

Love the fairy, mini dressing table, and that last photo of Celestine. Her little bag of candies is so cute! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

I like that glitter stuff too. I had bought some a few years ago and need to use it one of these days, great to see you have been busy, like the Tinkerbell. Looks like a lot of work for the wedding though. Celestine is cute as a button as always.

Jess said...

I love your fairy decorations for the wedding, they're going to be amazing! I noticed you're making a jewel patchwork, what sort of pieces are you looking for?
Jess x x

Victoria Stitch said...

Hi Jess- thank you!

It's for a miniature patchwork quilt for my castle- I want to make it from jewel coloured squares- as in the colours jewels are (so not pastel colours) - ruby, emerald etc!

Jane Chérie said...

I love Tinker Bell's glitter outfit! Glitter is just too messy to be dealt with though. I always end up with tons of it on the floor and in my hair, hands, and my furniture! Celestine looks really adorable with the tiny bag of candies!!!

Vicky Lovejoy said...

It's great to see all the lovely things you've been making. I love the fairy and all the glitter. I also have a bit of a thing for glitter and anything sparkly and it really does get everywhere :) Poor Henry :)
Did I read right, you have some cat mittens? They sound amazing, I'm hoping you'll share a pic soon :) Hugs Vicky ♥

Erin K said...

Ooo...who could not love glitter?! lol..German glass glitter is also pretty awesome to play with too.

I adore your Winter fairy, her and Tink paired together could do some pesky tricks on Peter Pan...or Wendy. *laughs*

I think that's wonderful that you're making fairy decorations for the wedding, they'll look gorgeous when done. <3

Tammie Lee said...


it looks and sounds as though your life is good and fun, full to overflowing with creativity. Your doodle sketches of your character are so cute, as is Tinkerbell!