Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas cards and other various things

Today Celestine has been making and writing her Christmas cards. It's a little bit late for our post now but luckily Celestine knows about magic post!  

She wished she had a smaller pencil too!

I did my Chrsitmas cards the other week too. I always draw Victoria Stitch for my Chrsitmas card. It just doesn't feel right not to.  Here's this years- it had to be a quick one as I was so busy building sets for the Princess books this month.

The caption inside the card reads: 'Victoria Stitch thinks everyone should have an 'angel' that looks like her on the top of their tree.' 

It's the kind of thing Victoria Stitch would think. I only managed to make about ten cards this year as I had so much work to do so unfortunately didn't get to send a great deal out. Not really an excuse I know but never mind.

I put star sequins and glitter on them too. Of course!

I love Victoria Stitch.

Here's one of the sets I built recently. A kitchen. Fit for a sparkly princess.

I wish I could have a kitchen like that in real life size when I have a house!

Also I made this hallway the other day with a catwalk-y red carpet in it for dressing up. I actually got the colours a bit wrong with this one- too red, but I was still quite proud of the result anyway and the colours can be corrected in photoshop. I was surprised at how quickly I managed to do this one- I was on a very short deadline. Managed to do it in a day!

At the weekend Henry and I went up to Derby to visit his mum. We had a very nice weekend. We had chai teas at our new favourite tea place, watched Gone with the Wind (I had not seen it before!) ate lots of nice food, went shopping and Henry's mum put some of those individual false eyelashes on my eyes which I've gone on about before- maybe you can see them in the picture below. It was a sort of practice for the wedding but I'm going to have to re think it a bit as they didn't look quite right on my eyes after all.  sidenote: I love the eyelashes the Who's all have in the Grinch. I also did work while I was in Derby- as I mentioned I had a tight deadline boo. 

And on a random note today Henry and I popped into town for a few various things and there was a carousel in the square! I swear it was the carousel I had so wanted to be at the ball we went to in the summer. My carousel! I also think it was the same carousel I saw in Bath the other week but didn't get to go on because I was too busy.  Well I went on it today instead. And it was fun! It went pretty fast. I really really really love carousels! It was so festive in town today. We searched for gold paper and ate a german sausage.

And tomorrow we are going to Belgium for a couple of days. On the ferry. I am excited... and need to pack!

Have a festive weekend! 



Plushpussycat said...

Your mini sets are fantastic! It looks like they were a blast to make too! Fun!!! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Your interior sets are exquisite! Love the shots of Celestine and your Victoria Stitch cards. Have a very merry Christmas!

Jane Chérie said...

The kitchen look truly fantastic! And the hallway is impressive! I don't know how you manage to work so quickly! Your mini cards are adorable and Celestine Christmas illustration is hilarious. I like how she thinks :)