Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas 2013...

...was really great.  It was really great because it was the first Christmas that Henry I spent together. Also his mum came and stayed with us over Christmas which was extra nice too. It was just a really nice Christmas this year. Definitely one of my best. 

Celestine enjoyed it too. She wore gold and sparkles for Christmas day... and boxing day... and the day after. Gold is her favourite colour.

She had her own Christmas table with Christmas crockery which I found in Bruge. The Christmas pudding and chocolate log are actually just chocolates and pretty massive for Celestine to eat on her own... though she still enjoyed what she could eat of them!

We had egg and smoked salmon muffins for breakfast with a grapefruit soaked in sherry. The grapefruit with sherry is something Henry eats every Christmas even though he doesn't like grapefruit (he forces it down for the sake of tradition!) So we thought we would all have one and follow his tradition. It went down well in my family! We all really like grapefruit anyway- the sherry was a Christmas bonus.

Then we all opened presents. I got some really really good presents this year. My biggest surprise was from Henry's mum. If you read this blog you might- though probably won't- remember a ring I posted about a while back. It was a ring I had spotted on ebay and absolutely loved. I really really really loved it- it was the nicest design of ring I had ever seen. I love anything stars and moon and am always searching on ebay for star/moon rings. When this one came up I absolutely love love loved it and really wanted it. I didn't win it though even though I set and alarm and woke up in the middle of the night to bid on it!  

Anyway, I could go on more about how much I loved that ring but to cut a long story short Henry's mum got one made for me while she was in holiday in Turkey! She printed the picture off my blog and took it to a jeweller who made a practically identical one- the only difference is that mine is slightly nicer!

I couldn't believe it! It was honestly one of the best presents I have ever received. I am going to wear it all the time. I can't stop looking at it- it's so sparkly.

I also got some other very nice things this year including a box of 100 miniature multicoloured baubles from my sister, some witchy books from Henry and a book about Gnomes, a glittery green, pink and purple rose from my brother and a massively heavy bag full of different coloured glitters from my parents among other things.

Also this tiny seal from my grandparents. It really is very tiny- smaller than an inch. And so cute. It's small enough to put in my castle. I love seals. 

Now here's a picture of Celestine with her stocking. Santa did very well for her this year. She was very chuffed with all her presents.

Here they are under her tree... And yes she did get a chocolate liqueur almost as big as herself!  If she eats it all in one go she'll be absolutely sozzled!

And here are all Celestine's presents laid out. She got a lot of sparklies this year. She does love gems!  From left to right:  a jewellery box, an amethyst chip, two notebooks, a rainbow jumper, a mirror and comb set, a lucky black cat, where the wild things are miniature book, snowman in a jar decoration, snowman not in a jar decoration, tiny pink mouse.  The jewellery box and jumper weren't actually from Santa- they were from me and the book was from Henry. But everything else was from Santa. He knows Celestine well.

The rainbow jumper is made by suedehead on etsy. The miniature book is made by Little Things of Interest on etsy.

Celestine has named the pink mouse Penelope. It's tinier than my smallest fingernail!

On Boxing day Henry and I drove up to have Chrsitmas number two with his Dad and Gran which was also very nice. Then the day after we drove back down to have Christmas number three with my mums side of the family which again was very nice! So all in all a very nice Christmas.

These photos below were taken at Henry's Dad and Gran's house.

Also here's a little sketch I forgot to post before Christmas. I just re coloured some old Celestine drawings to make them Christmassy. It's her preparing for the big day!

I hope you had a wonderful Chrsitmas too!



Eliana said...

Adorable post!
Beautiful Christmas decoration and gifts!

Jane Chérie said...

The ring is gorgeous! Congrats on getting such a pretty one! I love the miniatures in your posts and these ones seem to be extra sparkly! Fantastic gifts really!

Plushpussycat said...

Your story about the ring is so fantastic--congrats! I love all of Celestine's gifts too--wow! xo Jennifer