Monday, 31 March 2014

nice things and paper flowers

I took this photo the other day while I walked my dog. It was feeling like a very cold/grey day after having nice sun in Dubai for a week. Ah well C'est la vie! At least the heavy clouds made for a good photo!

There was a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home. An Ernest et Celestine book had arrived in the post from my french friend Carol. I love Ernest et Celestine! In fact it is where I got the name Celestine from for my Celestine. Yes she is named after a little mouse.

I just really love Gabrielle Vincent's illustrations- so characterful, and this is a sweet story too. I translated it all on google translate. Celestine is confused as to why Ernest has all these old photos but has no photos of her. They remedy this by going to a photographers and getting Celestine's portrait taken. She looks pleased as punch as she poses for her picture!

I made these two cards recently. One for my mum's birthday and one for Henry's mum's birthday. I was so pleased with them that I decided to make them with the kids in my craft club. It went down really well as it is an easy way of making very pretty cards. Anyone can do it! They all made beautiful ones for their mums for mothers day. All you need is patterned paper, scissors, a glue stick and some glitter! For the kids I also brought along buttons and gems for them to use for the middles of the flowers.

Still working on my Witch Cat sequel cover at the moment. It's taking its time. I find overs always take a long time. But each time we revise it I see that it's getting better and better so I am pleased that I am really being pushed to make the best cover I can.

Here's a little sneak peek:

The weekend before last Henry and I went up to Derby to visit his mum. We had a nice weekend which involved eating nice food, watching films, sewing, shopping and eyebrow threading. 

Celestine came too. Here she is in the mall. She had to be careful she wasn't trodden on!



Jane Chérie said...

I didn't know about "Ernest and Celestine"! Now you make me want to read those books!!! Your flower craft is really so cute and seems like a great activity for my kids! And the Halloween decoupage with Celestine is totally mesmerizing. I love all that glitter and mini pumpkins bags!

Stephanie said...

Love the illustrations from the book you received. Great ideas on the flower designs and as always, Celestine so very cute.

Plushpussycat said...

Your new book cover is looking fantastic, Harriet! xo Jennifer

Jess said...

I love the illustrations of Ernest and Celestine, wasn't it a cartoon series too, or maybe I'm muddling that up with a film? The name Celstine always reminds me of one my eldest daughter's most favourite books, 'Celestine Goes To Market.' A lovely name!
Jess x