Friday, 7 March 2014

pink hair and glitter stars

Celestine managed to get hold of some pink hairdye the other day. This was the result. I thought it looked very pretty but she wasn't so sure. She says pink isn't really her colour. I don't agree!

I am also feeling a lean towards the pink at the moment. I've been wanting to do something with my hair for ages but haven't because of the wedding coming up in June. You know that whole don't do anything drastic with your hair just before you get married rule. I kind of want to ignore that rule at the moment.... but not sure if I dare. I don't mean fully pink hair, just a little bit of pink on the ends- or somewhere! It would match the flowers and the bridemsaids and the ushers- and my lipstick! I think it would look good.

I'm making the whole thing into a big deal- it wouldn't usually be. It's the wedding that makes it a big deal

I might do it...

And weddings weddings weddings. There's a lot of wedding stuff going on here right now as you might imagine. I've suddenly got into the vibe. Hence why I haven't posted any work up here lately.  I've been diamonding up my veil with crystals and making decorations. Glittery stars of all sizes- all shades of pink and purple and green. Everything has become saturated in glitter in this house. Even the dogs bed, my hair, the floor. It's just everywhere. I'm not complaining- I love it! Everything sparkles.

I have also been making fairies and goblins and witches to hang among the stars. They have been taking me a while. I'll post them here when they're finished. They are also in all shades of purple pink and green. I'm going to make them tutu skirts. And of course they are also all glittery too. It's been a good little project for me as I have been using them to practice drawing faces!

Today Henry went down to the jewellers to get his wedding ring made. I love going to the jewellers. Any excuse. So I accompanied him there. I asked the jeweller if he had any star shaped diamonds because I've never seen one before. He didn't have one (he says he sometimes does!) but he showed me a cubic zirconia one which was very sparkly. Diamonds shaped into star shapes are apparently quite rare. I've searched for one on the internet before just to look at it but nothing ever comes up. I feel like if I hadn't become an illustrator I may well have become a jewellery designer. I am actually extremely interested in jewellery and jewels.

Sidenote: Celestine is a jeweller you know- A miniature one.

Work wise I have been working on the front cover for my second Witch Cat book. It's been taking a while to get right. I find covers often do take ages.

I just finished reading The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris. Such a good book. I read it once years ago and don't remember enjoying it so much as I did the second time around. It's a very magical, chocolatey book. This is probably because it's about witches who live and work in a chocolate shop in Paris.  I just love the way Joanne Harris writes and the way she uses words to describe things so richly. And the descriptions of the hot chocolate the characters are always drinking just makes your mouth water! Melted chocolate, milk, nutmeg, vanilla bean, cardamom... etc. You almost just want to eat the book! So yes I found that book very inspiring recently.

Hmm... that is all. Rambly post this one. (actually written a few days ago but never got round to posting)


Sharon McPherson said...

Love your work, your stories make me smile. :) Wishing you GREAT success in the publishing of your new book.

Polly said...

Could you maybe do that "ombre" hair but with pink at the ends? I think it would look pretty. Love all the sparkles!

Jess said...

I love your wedding decorations! The 2 fairies on the far left remind me of posh and ginger spice. Please take this as a compliment I love the Spice Girls! They're going to look even more amazing with tutus.
As for your hair, YES! Do it, it'll look stunning especially as you have a pink theme.
Jess xx

Eliana said...

Beautiful girls in pink!

Tammie Lee said...

oh your little ladies are so charming, just love their little bodies and faces and glittery stars too.

It sounds as though you are having a grand time preparing for your wedding, I am so happy for you!

Stephanie said...

Good to read your recent ramblings. Love all the work you do, so very creative. The pink ends might work, need to find a good hairdresser to do that for you to get it right.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

First off, congrats! I hadn't heard yet, but that is great news:)

And I ADORE the glittery ladies you've been making! I wish I could hang one by my door to guard my house and to say hello to every day<3

And you're definitely making me want to read that book. Would I need to read Chocolat first though? I hear it's the sequel to it.