Sunday, 9 March 2014

Scottish island memories

Here are a couple more pictures of my dinosaur kid characters. I realise that at the end of my last dinosuar kids post I said 'can you guess which part of the world these paintings are based on?' Well some of you did try and guess, and I realise I never actually told you the answer!

Well, the place I have been basing these paintings on is a Scottish island called Shuna! It's the Scottish island me and my family went on holiday to when I was younger.  We went there for about ten years running. There was no electricity- we had to use gas lamps, and only three other holiday houses there all spread out. It was very remote. But also very beautiful. I have lots of wonderful memories of the island. 

Because it was so remote we did ALL our food shopping for the two weeks before we got onto the island. This was becasue if it was bad weather we couldn't get across to the mainland to go shopping. We didn't go over to the mainland much anyway. We caught fish in the sea and ate them for breakfast. My mum picked wild mushrooms and we ate them on buttered toast. Each holiday house was supplied with a simple motor engined boat and we used it to chug round the island to the various little bays, and sometimes the mainland. There wild otters and seals and porpoises. There were rope swings and foresty bits and dens up in the trees and a rose quartz mine and teeny tiny baby toads and loads of time to draw and make things and read. Later on we went there with another family which was fun and my dad bought a boat so we could go sailing and there were canoes there and sandy beaches and rocky beaches and bogs and cows (and a bull!) and sheep and carnivorous plants and a shipwreck even a ruined castle! The island was only three miles long and one and a half miles wide. But it had so much on it. And it was just empty.

Painting these pictures and going through all the old photos has really made me remember how good these holidays were. It has made me so glad that mine and Henry's honeymoon this year is going to be on a Scottish island!

That's me in the middle! ^ Showing off the fish we caught.


Polly said...

Oh my goodness that sounds perfect! I would love to go somewhere like that!

Plushpussycat said...

How peaceful and beautiful! Thanks for sharing! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Looks like a lovely spot to visit!

Jane Chérie said...

Your childhood vacation sounds magical. Like something from a movie or a book. I wished I had such a wonderful holiday, far away from the city life! Your painting gives me this feeling of freedom and happiness. It's like you are totally out there and cannot be bothered by anything. I think that's what a real vacation should be like :)