Saturday, 8 March 2014

Twenty Six

^  Celestine and I (click to enlarge if you want to see Celestine!) ^

Today it was (still is!) my birthday.  I didn't do much for it which was very unusual for me. I usually like to go all out for birthdays. It felt very weird actually to not organise something big or at least big-ish with friends- (or family- all my family are away atm.) But I am going to Dubai next week and we are saving money for the wedding so I sort of didn't feel the need to do anything.

Henry and I went for a nice walk in the morning in the sporadic sunshine. Celestine came too. She hasn't been out on many trips with us lately. I've missed her. I've just been so busy with other things recently. Luckily Celestine has lots of other friends (her own size!) to go and visit. 

Because it was my birthday Celestine made an effort with her outfit. I mean she usually makes an effort- she's very stylish- but you know, we were only going for a walk. I thought she looked quite like Kiki from Kiki's delivery service in her red bow and blue coat.

Here she is walking along... (again click to enlarge if you actually want to see Celestine! Problem of being so small!)

It's so nice that the flowers are starting to come out!

Celestine didn't walk the whole way round of course- we'd be walking for about a week if that was the case! She likes to sit on my shoulder.

Barney had a good time too. He loves to dig about in the leaves. I love my little dog.

After the walk we had lunch in a pub nearby. It was even just about warm enough to sit outside! It's been a nice but understated birthday so far. Tonight Henry is going to cook my favourite food- Hebanese. That's Harriet and Henry's version of Lebanese!

Hope you've had a lovely Saturday!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Happy Birthday, lovely lady! I hope you still had a nice time, despite the fact that it's a lot smaller than usual. I know that feeling all too well though as I have made very little plans for the past couple of years and always felt a bit disappointed. So this will be the first time in ages that I'm planning to actually make plans for it, besides having tea and a tiny cake with my mom or something…

Anyway, it sounds like you have plenty of other things to look forward to as well:) Enjoy them all!

And she does look quite Kiki-ish haha:)

Polly said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had good weather for it, your walk looks lovely. I think my birthday is also going to be fairly quiet this year. Sometimes that's nice though, especially if you're busy and have lots of things happening. Your wedding will be like a big party anyway!

Eliana said...

Happy Birthday!
Celestine and you could be sisters. Both beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! With many many happy returns. I enjoyed your post and images. Love the last shot of that tree.

Jess said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Harriet! Hope you had a great day.xx

Plushpussycat said...

Happy birthday, Harriet! Love your photos! Spring is in the air! Sounds like a nice birthday with someone you love (and Celestine too, of course!). xo Jennifer

Jane Chérie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I wish you all the very best for this new year in your life! Being young is awesome! So many possibilities ahead! Have fun on this 26th year!