Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Hen Party

Saturday afternoon was my hen party. My sister cleverly organised the whole fabulous event. And it was exactly the kind of thing I would have wanted for a hen do. Family and close friends, piña colada's in tea cups, glitter, fairies, cake and games.

The whole thing was held at my grandparents house and I am in awe of how my sister managed to organise the whole thing so well. There were fairies hanging from the ceiling, a tower of cupcakes on the table along with a big marbled chocolate gateaux cake and some cake pops. Her boyfriends mum kindly made all the cakes for us. 

In the evening my sister organised an amazing meal starting with artichoke cups filled with parma ham and quails eggs- I know, fancy! Then we had asparagus and asparagus wrapped in parma ham, cucumber sticks and carrot sticks, cheese fondue with toasted bread, steak fondue and then chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallows and pink merengues made by my aunt. There were a lot of fondues involved.

We played some funny games and at the end my bridesmaids gave me a really nice book with nice stuff written in it and photos etc- it's got loads of space left in it so will be the guest book for the wedding too.

Also at the end some of us went swimming in my grandparents pool. It wasn't the best weather but it meant that the pool felt warmer. In fact it was so chilly that there was steam coming off the water! Zoe (my cousin) looked like a mermaid because she had so much blue glitter and gems around her eyes.

Celestine made an appearance in her bridesmaids dress. I have made her one exactly the same as one of the real bridesmaid dresses! She had a tiny teacup of piña colada and nibbled at a cupcake both of which she very much enjoyed.

It was a lovely afternoon and evening and I am very lucky to have a sister to organize such a nice party for me! :) (she's the one in the daisy crown below!)


Stephanie said...

Such a great collection of images. Those cupcakes look so yummy. Both you and your sister look great and love Celestine's outfit! Now I am craving for a cupcake...

Tammie Lee said...

oh my goodness, such a lovely sister you have! How special that she dreamed this all up for you!
Sounds yummmy and it beautiful in all the details. So happy for you!

dawn said...

It looks like you had such a lovely time, I do like the sound of pins coladas and all that cake! Love Celestine's dress and can't wait to see pics of your other bridesmaids and the rest of your wedding photos, I imagine the whole day is going to look and be amazing. Have a wonderful wedding day! So exciting! :)

Rachel Gallagher said...

Your hen party looks and sounds soooo wonderful.

Your sister did so well to organise something so special. :-)

Jess said...

It all looks incredibly beautiful, what a wonderful sister you have! It's lovely that your wedding guestbook is already up and running because many people don't like to be the first to write something! My son's wedding was a couple of weeks ago and the guestbook remained empty until almost the end of the evening! I think a lot of the comments were alcohol induced but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing after all. :)
Jess x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely hen party, Celestine looks so pretty as do you all. Xxx

Helen Benson said...

I am again stunned at the attention to detail by everyone who contributed to your hen party & created such a perfect experience for you & incredible memories to look back on & make you smile over the years.You are obviously a very loved person Harriet for so many friends & family to work together & make magical memories for you to enjoy & never forget.This sounds just as unique & beautiful as the wedding day you had.What a joy to read about this & your wedding day. Glad Celestine got to play a part too as she wouldn't want to be left out Lol. Thanks for allowing us all to share in your joy through the power of your pictures & writing.I love hearing & seeing your news xx