Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Peak District

This was a few weeks ago now (just before Easter) but I never got my act together to post any pictures. We visited Henry's mum in Derby and took a trip into the Peak District. It was sooo nice. I loved it!! I think I really really love nature haha. It always makes me so happy to be out in nature.

I just love big rolling hills and streams and the place we went to (Dovedale park) had both. Henry and I climbed up the biggest hill we could see which had what felt like an almost vertical side! We had to hold onto the grass to get up to the top.

Celestine enjoyed it too. She wished she had brought her little boat as there was a very nice stream. And the sun was all shining and nice and made the water sparkly. She almost dove right in for a swim!  There were stepping stones across the stream which we walked across.

We also had lunch at a pub nearby which was just bang right in the middle of countryside with stone walls around it and hills all around. It was in such a stereotypical picturesque spot that I almost felt like it couldn't be real. Pie, chips and mozzarella sticks.

I want to go back!
Here's another picture I never posted- Celestine at Easter. She had a gold egg of course. Gold is her favourite colour. It took her quite a while to eat as it was solid all the way through unlike our eggs. She managed it though. What a chore it must have been for her...


Polly said...

Lovely pictures! I feel the same about nature, it makes me very happy. I especially like being in woodlands which have streams, there's something about the combination of trees and water.

Plushpussycat said...

Better late than never on these gorgeous photos! Celestine looks like she's going to really savor that egg! xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I really want to go to the lake districts it looks so pretty. I really want to visit Beatrix Potters house. Love Celestine at Easter with her hat, what a lovely egg She got xxx