Monday, 2 June 2014

Cornwall Candids or Celestine's Boating Adventures

I recently for some reason (I can't remember why) looked back through lots of the photos I took last year when we went to Cornwall. I discovered a few photos I hadn't posted here before which I rather like. They're kind of candids as they have hands and things in them but I quite like that! 

Oh I love Cornwall so much!!! 

One evening Celestine wanted to go boating down the stream on the beach so my friend Sian and I went down there to take photos of her. That's Sian's hand in the picture, setting the boat into the stream. It's a very nice, quite gentle stream with some rapid-y btits and it goes all the way down to the sea. It's a lot of fun for a tiny person such as Celestine!

Here she is on the same stream in a different (safer!) boat.

On this day we spent all day on the next beach over, sitting in the sunshine and surfing and picnicing. One of our friends dug a hole so deep that when he stood in it it was over his head! Henry did his essay and got a sandy laptop. I remember it being a nice day.

in the evening Henry and I walked back over the cliffs while the others went back in the car...

We stopped for a while at a different beach on the way home and Celestine did some more boating. Here I am putting her and her boat in the stream at the very top of the beach.

Here's a small rock pool (below) which was Celestine's favourite swimming spot. Just perfect for a tiny person. It was her own personal miniature lagoon!

And now here is a fiercer, deeper stream on the next beach over. Celestine had to use her more sturdy boat so as not to capsize- though she almost did anyway. It was a faster, rockier ride with rapids. She looks a little trepadated/suspicious about it (below)

I can't wait to come back here again!!! It's my favourite place ever!


Jess said...

I love how the beach looks so different from a tiny person't viewpoint, especially the lagoon! You must have had a lot of fun.
Jess x

Stephanie said...

I like your perspective in the photos from where Celestine is sitting. Great images!

Plushpussycat said...

Fun shots! Thanks for sharing. There are some fond memories here. xo Jennifer

Jane Chérie said...

Fantastic photography! I totally adore your pictures out in the nature. The mini boat and water ripples look amazing, straight from a postcard. Celestine is adorable in her getup. How lucky you are to be in such a beautiful spot. I am afraid my nearby beach is too ugly to in pictures!

Victorian Tailor said...

What a charming story and character, love it since my name is Celeste!