Sunday, 13 July 2014

Our Wedding

Well finally I have got around to sorting out some wedding photos to put on here! It's been a busy few weeks...

So yes. Our wedding. It was wonderful.

My siblings and I ^ (all three photos above taken by Anne Greenhalgh)

My mum made all the bridesmaid dresses (and her own dress!) I sparkled all the bridesmaid shoes up with the matching colour glitter to their dress: (photo by Anne Greenhalgh)

Instead of a veil I had a cloak made of tulle which my mum made for me. You can't tell in the photos but the cloak is covered in gems which I spent hours sticking on one by one! I was told it did sparkle a lot in the church so I was pleased. (below photos by Anne Greenhalgh)

The cloak was fastened by a very small silver Tinkerbell pin that I already had.  Glad I managed to incorporate a fairy into my outfit somewhere.

I also made the all bridesmaids matching glitter stars for their hair. Below right is the seating plan also made using glitter stars. Can you guess I love stars? (photo below by Anne Greenhalgh)

Here's Henry and his mum arriving at the church and then Henry waiting at the church with his ushers and best man (who was not a man but a woman!) (photos by Anne Greenhalgh)

Here we all come! I came with my dad in a special wedding car. We actually arrived a bit early at the church through a slight error in time judgement so we drove off to town for 20 minutes and bought some mints at a petrol station because I suddenly really fancied a mint which was funny as I haven't had a mint in absolutely years. (photos below by Anne Greenhalgh)

And now (below) here's the church- before it was filled with people obviously!

My Grandmother is a priest and she actually took the service! It was so so nice to be married by my Grandmother.

It was a very special feeling the first time I saw and smiled at Henry as I walked down the aisle. (photos below by Anne Greenhalgh)

And now outside, afterwards having photos. This one was with my parents. That's my grandmother in the pink hat below- she changed promptly out of her priest robes after the ceremony!

My parents had some photos done on the day too to mimic their wedding photos they had done when they got married as they got married at the same church! (second photo above by Anne Greenhalgh and also photo below)

After the church we had a reception in a marquee. We were very lucky becasue the weather was beautiful and sunny. It was as though the sun came out just for that weekend!

I tried to incorporate as many stars and as much glitter as possible into the theme. I also had all my fairies and goblins hanging up from the ceiling so they looked like they were flying above everyones heads in the marquee. My mum made the bunting.

It was such a beautiful place that the marquee was in. It was just surrounded by countryside. (first photo below by Anne Greenhalgh)

Cutting the cake. It was an amazing cake! Henry's dad made it and it was a fairy castle!

I had changed dresses by this point (into one my mum made me) because I wouldn't have been able to dance in the other dress. Henry and I learned a special first dance with lots of twists and twirls in it that we had lessons for. Our first dance was to walking in the air... but not the original- the remix! It's a lot faster and trancier.

Here below I've zoomed in on a picture so you can see the necklace I was wearing. I made it myself and it's made of swarovski stars. I really really love it- it is so sparkly! I'll have to get a proper picture of it sometime. I made the bridesmaids similar ones to wear too. I wore matching earrings- one was a swarovski crystal star and the other was a moon.

And now a couple more posed shots... (two photos below by Anne Greenhalgh)

and some more snapshots...

My favourite part of the day (apart from saying the vows and the church bit) was the evening part of the wedding when I was just dancing with all my friends and family and having fun. That was when I felt most relaxed. We had a fire pit and fireworks and bacon rolls and late night ice creams. (photos below by David Ellis)

It was such a great and marvellous day and so nice to be surrounded by so many people we love and also to see family that we don't see very often.


Maria Ireland said...

Congratulations. Your wedding looks like it was a beautiful Happy fun Day. Everything looks wonderful Thank you for sharing your wonderful day. Wishing you all the best for the future.
Hugs Maria

Anna said...

Congratulations! I wish you all the luck and happiness :)

Anna said...

Congratulations! I wish you all the luck and happiness :)

Jess said...

What an incredibly perfect wedding day! Everything from your grandmother doing the service to your amazing creations everywhere. The flower arrangements are about the best ones I've ever seen, the colours are gorgeous! What a talented family you are, HUGE congratulations to you both!

Abby said...

Congratulations, thanks for the happy photos.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations :D It looks like it was a very lovely day :)

Stephanie said...

Congratulations! You lucked out on the weather. Loved all the photos, the flowers, the scenery and the added special touches you did. What kind of cake was it? Beautiful wedding!

Polly said...

Looks like a wonderful wedding! I like all the colours and sparkles, and the flowers look so pretty. Both your dresses looked gorgeous and really suited you! I also LOVE the cloak, that's such a great idea, and your starry necklace is divine. As for the cake...I am rather jealous. It's amazing.
I hope you and Henry are very very happy together and enjoy married life!

Jane Chérie said...

Congratulations to you both! Your dress and veil look amazing! Everything look beautiful and perfect!!! I love the venue you have chose. Very nice place to host a wedding!

Plushpussycat said...

Wow! What a gorgeous, fun wedding and reception! Your both look amazing, and what a special day! Thanks for sharing! xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations toyou both for along and happy life together. What a fab day,with so many personal touches, I love everything. Best wishes and love juliexxx

dawn said...

Congratulations! You looked so beautiful, and the cloak instead of a veil is such a lovely idea. So pleased you had such a wonderful day :) x

Tammie Lee said...

so much beauty
fun and gorgeous celebration!
I am so happy for you. I wish you a life of dreams come true!

Helen Benson said...

Wowser just looked back over your wedding post & pics again.Reading it in detail I am blown away by how both families were so intertwined in various aspects of your wedding making it so personal & perfect for you & Henry & also uniting your families in the most wonderful ways!! I think it is the most fantastical wedding in terms of meaningfulness.A real fusion of hearts, bodies, minds & souls for you as bride & groom through the love & care put into your ceremony & day by those most dear to you. I am quite tearful & overcome with a parent I hope when my Sons decide to marry I can find a way to contribute in the same heartfelt way to add to their day. Your dresses, cape, bridesmaid dresses & your Mums outfits are stunning & being made by her must make them even more special.Your Grandmother doing the ceremony to marry you is just amaaaaaaaazing!!! What a day that must have been for her to be able to do something so important & loving & unique uniting you in marriage. Not many can have that!! The cake is the ideal one as Celeste resides in a castle & is very special Lol. Such a talent Henry's Dad has too creating a masterpiece. Loved your flowers & bunting....the fairies & goblins are magical & your necklace so "you" (loved the glittery heels on the bridesmaid shoes you did too).Sorry if I have missed out anything else or names.
Nowadays bridal planners are employed & take over the creation of your whole day & while it must remove a lot of stress it cannot compete with those individual touches made by your own family & friends to make your day the most perfect for you both. No one knows you better & so they can make the most wonderful day of your new life together by adding little intimate touches that are special to you as a family.Sorry to waffle but it really has touched my heart sharing a day so blessed & so unique & perfect for a couple so obviously in love & well loved :') <3<3 I hope your future together will always be filled with the love & happiness you felt that day xxx