Thursday, 7 August 2014

books I've enjoyed lately

I have been on a bit of a book binge lately! Here are some of the ones I've enjoyed over the last couple of months. All of them I would recommend.

In no particular order,

The Storm Whale by Benji Davis 

I fell in love with this book as soon as I saw it in the shop and bought it right away. The pictures are so evocative and I love every detail- especially the characters wearing their yellow rain macs! It is about a little boy overcoming loneliness.

The Butterfly House by Sarah L. Smith

This book is actually written and illustrated by a friend of mine who I met on my MA course! But being biased aside, I absolutely loved the atmosphere conveyed in this book and all the hundreds of delicate details in every spread. It is an enchanting story about the magical things that happen if a butterfly lands on the very tip of your nose. It is a beautiful book.

La Naissance De Celestine

We all know how much I love Ernest and Celestine! Well my friend Carol kindly gave me this book, which is wordless for the most part, but filled with the beautiful and tender sketchings of Gabrielle Vincent.  It shows how Ernest finds baby Celestine in a garbage can and how he takes her home and cares for her. It is the sweetest story ever.

I am Otter by Sam Garton

Again this book is by someone I sort of 'know' online. We actually both got our first book deals with the same publisher at the same time so were able to share our experiences with each other at the time. Which was nice. You've probably already heard of the internet famous Otter, if not then Sam's blog is worth a look. I am so happy that Otter is finally published in picture book form! She is such a cheeky, funny character. I just love her personality. And there are so many details to look at in the pictures. I am a sucker for detail. The story is about Otter starting a toast restaurant while Otter Keeper is out at work and the chaos that ensues.

When I was Small by Sara O'Leary, illustrated by Julie Morstad

You can probably guess the reason why I was attracted to this book- it's about a miniature girl! Well, sort of. It's about a mother telling her little boy all the things she did when she was small but really taking the 'small' literally. It's a really sweet gentle story with delicate, detailed illustrations.

Vampirina Ballerina by Anne Marie Pace, Illustrated by Le Uyen Pham

This book I discovered online and it immediately attracted the Victoria Stitch within me. I loved the Pink and black cover and when it arrived and I discovered there was iridescent glitter on the cover too I was in love. I wouldn't say this book is so much a story with a plot as such, but an encouragement to anyone out there who wants to be a ballerina. Hard work pays off is the moral of this story. I just love the design of Vampirina Ballerina, she is such a cute little gothling!

Now talking of books, I really need to read more! It was my new years resolution and I have not been keeping up with it very well at all lately. I did alright at the beginning of the year but since about March I have not really read anything new.

I have decided that at the end of every month I am going to write about (or at least list) the books I have read that month here on my blog and this will hopefully encourage me to read more of them! I think audio books count too. I have re-subscribed to audible lately too to try and encourage myself to listen to more stories while I work rather than watch trashy TV shows.

And I am not talking about picture books (though I will include those too if I read any new good ones) I am talking about young fiction books and adult books. Because one day I want to write a young fiction/teen/adult book and I know that it is important to read lots if you want to write.

Starting from NOW!


Stephanie said...

I enjoyed viewing and reading your reviews on some books you have read. I do like the first three you mentioned, the illustrations are enchanting, colorful and beautiful creations of art. I feel inspired looking at these drawings. Thank you!

Sarah said...

The illustrations are delightful. Thanks for posting.