Friday, 1 August 2014


Celestine is missing the ballroom being here. She enjoyed prancing around it wearing her gold tutu.

She was cheered up though when she spotted this absolutely exquisite little comb charm in the window of the jewellers shop in my home town.  Then she became uncheered again when she found out that it was 90 pounds.  It's exactly the kind of thing Celestine would like to own- a solid gold comb in a fancy gold case. She has expensive and opulent taste!

I admit I kind of like it too. But we are not buying solid gold combs right now. We are buying houses!! Yes, finally Henry and I are really on the road to getting our own house. And it's very exciting! It's all change here. My life feels different than it did a few months ago. The dynamics have all changed. Not in a bad way at all, just different.


Plushpussycat said...

How exciting! So much has changed over the last few months, and it sounds like you're enjoying the ride! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Exciting new changes are good!

Anonymous said...

I love your adorable Celestine!:)
I wish you to find the home of your dreams!
Have a nice week-end!

Jane Chérie said...

A new house is much better than a solid gold comb! :) It's great you are going to get your own home!