Thursday, 28 August 2014


Snippets of something I worked on recently. Not sure if I am allowed to put these pictures up here or not (they're just WIP shots)... I guess I'll take them down if so.

I was pretty proud of those light up mushrooms. It took me a while to think up how to make them and in the end I came up with a cunning plan involving tights and PVA. I was insistent to myself that they should light up, even if that meant they took ten times longer to make.

I love multicoloured stars.

Here are some more mushrooms but not light up ones this time.

As you might have guessed, fairies are involved. 

In other news I am working on a new secret project- only secret in that I don't really want to put it on the internet just yet. It's a personal project, a young fiction book and I am very excited about it. I got really inspired and just wrote it and now I am illustrating it in any spare time I have. I really believe in it! I will take it to publishers when I am done and see if they like it. Hopefully they will but if not oh well, it will have been good practice anyway.

Last weekend, apart from working on my young fiction book, we went for a walk near the place where we are moving to. We explored new bits of countryside there and discovered some new tracks which look like they will be really good for cycling. We also found a swing! I am so excited to move and be in our own place. I am expecially looking forward to decorating and putting up our rainbow chandelier that we got for our wedding.  I want to cover the walls in illustration too.  Hurry up house!!!

Celestine hasn't been modelling for me much lately as I've been so busy with my new project so she's decided to take her own photos. Or she thought she would until she realised that camera wasn't real. Poor Celestine, she got so excited when she fist saw it!

She's been busy too, doing her own thing, designing jewellery, seeing other tiny friends etc. She's quite the socialite.

Aaaaand that is all for now!

*back to work*



Polly said...

Those pastel mushrooms are amazing! It's very clever how you got them to light up.
I hope you are very happy in your new house and can make it look magical and lovely! x

Stephanie said...

I really like the lit up mushrooms. Happy you have a house and hope to see snippets of it in future blogs.

Plushpussycat said...

You have so many exciting things going on, Harriet! I'm super thrilled for you. Things for keeping us updated on all the different parts of your life. xo Jennifer

Jess said...

WoW! I lOve your lit up mushrooms and the stars, it looks amazing! The others too are so magical,your work just gets better and better! Good luck with the book, if they have any sense they'll see your talent and snap it up!
Jess x