Monday, 13 October 2014

a mini mail exchange

Using the computer is quite an energetic task for someone as small as Celestine. She has to jump around the keyboard to write anything, and let's not even go into how much effort it takes her to manoeuvre the mouse around! Needless to say she didn't use the computer very much for a long time...

Then she discovered Dixie and Percy and I couldn't get her off the computer!

Dixie and Percy, just in case you don't already know (though I'm sure you will!), are the creation of Clara Vulliamy and Shirley Hughes. You can see all about Dixie and Percy on their website here.

And here are some books written about them which are brilliant (I can vouch for it!)

Well in the books Dixie and Percy are full size characters of course, but (and this is the part that particularly interests Celestine) they also exist as two tiny little needle felted characters with their own shiny red car. Clara Vulliamy takes lots of photos of their travels. You can see lots of photos of them on her twitter feed and also her blog!

Here's a good example of when Dixie and Percy went to the beach.

As I've said, Celestine became very interested in them. She doesn't know a lot of people her own size! She was fascinated by how they had their very own Celestine size car to drive about in and she was rather jealous of all the picnics they went on (I had to remind her that she does in fact go on quite a lot of picnics too!) She avidly followed all the photos of them going on their adventures.

I think it would be fair to say that Celestine has become quite a big fan of Dixie and Percy. And so one day recently, she decided she would write them some fan mail! She does love writing letters as you know.

So she did...

And the exciting thing was, that they wrote back!

Celestine knew they were going to write back because Clara wrote a blog post saying Dixie was preparing to write a reply...

...and then a picture came up on twitter of Dixie and Percy driving to the postbox in their red car holding a letter with Celestine's name on it!

She was so thrilled that she set up camp on the garden wall the next day to wait for the postman.

And she was DELIGHTED with her post when it arrived!

Here's a better picture:

We love the postscript on the envelope and Celestine was especially delighted to see that she was in the picture, driving her own car with her own personalised numberplate! She also enjoyed that Dixie and Percy complimented her on the stripe in her fringe.

I just realised that I should have taken a photo of the inside too, oops!

Also I'd just like to point out that it looks like I planned my nail varnish to match the card but that was actually just a lucky fluke (I'm not that organised!) 

So yes, it was a very exciting morning. Celestine is so pleased with her card that she is going to frame it on the wall of her castle so she can look at it all the time.

Thank you Dixie and Percy! (And also Clara who I suspect had something to do with it too!)



Anonymous said...

I ve not heard of Dixie and Percy but am going to pop across straight away, how lovely for Celestine to receive her very own mail.
I wonder if She would like to write to Ted,Ted would LOVE a penpal :)))
Hope you have a great week ahead,lots of love julie,Xxxx

cherie said...

Hi Victoria,
I love your blog so much and my Capucine too! She is a fan of Célestine... I bought your book for her, despite it's very big for her, she loves to read it.
We don't know Dixie et Percy then thank you for the link.
This mail exchange is adorable and we are very happy for Célestine... what a beautiful adventure she lived with her car and her friends.
Sorry for my poor english.
Have a beautiful week

Plushpussycat said...

Fantastic adventures all around! Celestine's miniature mail is so darling--great job, Celestine! Thanks for alerting me to Dixie and Percy. I've just followed their blog and can hardly wait to see more adventures! xo Jennifer