Thursday, 16 October 2014

A post from Celestine (number 2)

Hello again! It's Celestine here.

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog post but this morning I couldn't sleep. I lay in my bed in my castle (or in my castle turret actually- my bedroom in my castle is still not finished!!!) and I thought 'shall I keep lying here not able to sleep or shall I go and do some excersise on the computer keyboard...' and as you can see I decided on the latter. It's good to keep trim.

sidenote: I know I always complain about what an effort it if for me to use the computer but the upside it that when I want to watch a film I do in fact have an absolutely ginormous screen to watch it on.

I quite like being awake when everyone else is asleep. Outside the sky is getting lighter and throwing orange streaks across the walls. Everything is silent except for the tapping of my feet. It's very atmospheric. I like to have an atmospheric room to write in. It inspires me.

Anyway, I want to talk about my birthday. I don't think my birthday has been given quite enough attention on this blog yet. 

I won't tell you how old I am now - a proper lady never reveals her age, but I will show you my presents!

In fact you can see all my presents in the above photo. I am wearing them all.

I LOVE my new necklace. It is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Being a jewellery designer myself, I appreciate stunning jewels. It is so sparkly and pearly and it matches my new purple dress perfectly. 

Here's a close up so you can see it better. 

I actually spotted it online myself - I have a good eye for things on etsy. I said to Harriet 'THAT is what I want for my birthday.' (I maybe said this about a hundred times...)

And I got it! it is mine! Mine, mine, MINE!

link to shop HERE. It's my new top favourite shop.

You see the thing of it is... I have to keep up with Harriet's jewellery collection.

I needed a real statement piece to rival hers.

I mean, who's the jewellery designer here!?

Yes, me! (not Harriet)

So I must have the most fabulous jewellery.

This is all my jewellery to date. I have a pink crystal necklace somewhere too but I couldn't find it.

Yes, I think I am winning in the jewellery competition. That second one to the left is a necklace based on the Queen of Persia's, made by Ursula Sturmer. All swarovski crystal. So is the red one next to it.

The fifth one in is the necklace I wore for the wedding, the sixth is one sent to me by my friend Carol and the two on the ends are ones I got when Henry and Harriet got engaged. 

Definitely winning.

And the purple one just tops it off.  I LOVE it.

Oh here is a birthday card I got this year. I wanted to show it off because it was my favourite one. Jewels galore.

Oh no, Harriet has got up now and she is making me post a picture of her wedding necklace again. She says 'it will go perfectly in this jewellery post of yours Celestine.' 

She obviously hasn't read it properly.

Oh well *sigh* if I must...

Here it is AGAIN.

I suppose it is quite nice. (ok very nice)

If only they made swarovski stars like that for people my size...

Hmm. Now there's a thought...

...I had better write a letter to the swarovski people and get designing!

Bye for now! xXx

p.s I still win!


Polly said...

I am now in awe and very jealous of both Celestine's jewellery collection and Harriet's! That Butler & Wilson set is stunning!

Plushpussycat said...

So many gorgeous pieces, both large and small! Happy birthday, Celestine! Congratulations on all of your gorgeous gifts! xo Jennifer

cherie said...

Hello Dear Célestine,
I love your make me laugh. Your new necklace is so gorgeous, I love it too.
I think you are right, you are the best jewellery designer and you are for sure the winner of this competition.
Good luck for the the Swarovski people ! ;)
Have a beautiful week-end

Stephanie said...

Cute post. That is quite the jewelry collection you have there, Celestine!