Thursday, 6 November 2014

Autumn Cornwall

Over half term we went on holiday! To Cornwall. My favourite place in the whole world. It was actually a birthday present bought for us way back in March by my grandparents (March is when mine and Henry's birthday is).

It was a really nice birthday present! We don't usually get presents as big as this for our birthdays but I think it was becasue we got married this year.

It was such a nice week. I have never been on an autumn holiday before. The beaches looked so different to how they look in the summer time, more seaweedy and pebbly and the cliffs were all orangy greeny brown.  I am usually accustomed to a bright, sun soaked, flip flop wearing, beach-sitting, surf-y kind of Cornwall holiday so this one felt rather different! It was just as nice though.

The weather wasn't brilliant, cloudy every day, but it didn't matter. Usually it would have mattered to me, I am very affected by the weather, but for some reason this time I didn't mind. Everything just felt nice and cosy.  Also the clocks changed while we were there so it started getting dark earlier which I also enjoyed. I love autumn evenings.

The only thing Cornwall wasn't so great for was my broken toe! (Oh I am so annoyed I broke my toe a week before holiday!) It meant we couldn't walk around too much, and if we did I ended up hobbling. In a way though, having a broken toe contributed to my not-mindingness of the grey weather. I think having a broken toe in beautiful sunshine would have been very frustrating becasue I would have wanted to be out walking on the clifftops all the time.

Here's Celestine. Of course. She wouldn't miss out on a holiday! She wore her witch's hat to the beach because it was almost Halloween.

She also wrote her own tiny postcard because the mood took her to do so.

Look how much sea weed was on the beach! I couldn't believe it. I am usually used to seeing this beach all golden sand and bright turquoise sea. 

On the first day we did actually do one long walk (and that was the reason why we couldn't do any more walks after that...)

So we walked all the way to Newquay and had soup and pasty in a cafe and looked round the shops. We went to the aquarium because Henry loves to see the giant octopus there. Celestine liked the baby starfish becasue it was smaller than her!

We cycled twelve miles to Bodmin on a tandem one day. It turns out cycling is fine for my toe! We had mint tea in a cafe (ahem Costa) and cycled the twelve miles back to Padstow. 

We had a lovely afternoon in Padstow. We looked round the shops and bought some Chrsitmas decorations. Glittery fairy for me and wooden santa for Henry. I like the bear shop in Padstow because they have a whole selection of tiny miniature bears. I may have bought something for Celestine in there... Also we visited the fudge shop, got to buy fudge while in Padstow!

Celestine had an ice cream on the harbour even though it was October and a bit chilly!

In the evening we went to Rick Steins fish and chip restaurant in Padstow. We were lucky because we were the last two people to get a seat in the queue. It was good fish and chips! Henry was especially impressed (I actually like mine slightly greasier haha.) We bought a chocolate pot to take home with us (below, top right) which was deeeelicious. It was like fondant with creme fraiche on the top. We ate it whilst driving back to the holiday house in the dark. 

Bottom left is Henry's friend the octopus in case you couldn't guess.

I just can't get over how much seaweed was on the beach! Also you can see how much Henry enjoyed having fish and chips! (below)

 Autumn beach

Celestine did lots of boating down the streams on the beach. She did in fact capsize one afternoon and had to spend the rest of the day sitting by the radiator to dry her hair and eyelashes.  She didn't get hurt though. Her boat just snagged on some seaweed and tipped over. Also some part of the stream were very fast and wooshy!

floating around the mini lagoons was also fun...

We used Celestine's boats for a boat race too. Mine won!

Celestine has her own mini boat to play with too...

It was such a good week. We just felt so relaxed. I think Henry especially appreciated the break after his very first and intense term of being a teacher. We bought all our favourite foods to have in the house, smoked salmon, chocolate mini rolls, avocados, yoghurt and berries, fry ups in the mornings. Henry made bread and I made lentil soup. We ate out a lot too which is something we don't do a lot. Scampi and chips for me! 

We visited a friend who is an artist and she gave us a beautiful framed picture for a wedding present which we are so excited to hang in our house. It was a lovely surprise. Then we had a cream tea which was delicious. Henry ordered a large slice of chocolate cake. Oh everything was just so good about this holiday!

We drove a round visiting places on one of the days. Made it down to Lizard point and Kynance Cove except we didn't see anything becasue the weather was SO misty that day. There were lots of crystal shops all around which we looked in. I found a beautiful glimmery star necklace in one of the shops where the stars were carved out of some special shimmery stone. I tried it on though and it didn't suit me. But it was so pretty.

We bought some multicoloured lanterns for our future house, in Newquay which I am in love with.  There is something about rainbow glowy things that just DOES it for me.

On Halloween Henry carved a pumpkin with a pirate face. We watched lots of episodes of Hannibal too while we were away. We finished the second season. So good!

We were both sad to leave on the last day.

When we got home there was a package waiting for Celestine from her new pen pal Ted which was very exciting. When she opened it she found a letter and a pumpkin garland and a badge. Even though Halloween is over Celestine has put the pumpkin garland over her bed for the time being (she is still living in the castle turret at the moment) and the badge she has put on her bed as a cushion. It was a little big for her to wear!

Her 'room' looks very cosy and autumnal now!

Thank you Ted!


Jane Chérie said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! I "travel" vicariously through your pictures! Celestine looks great in her raincoat and her red bag is really stylish! You do too by the way :) I don't think I ever had proper fish and chips. I ought to find a restaurant here that does serve this dish! The bedroom looks very good with those lovely decorations!

Plushpussycat said...

What a fun post! Your trip sounded and looked so nice, and I always adore lots of photos of Celestine! Celestine's rainbow scarf is so cute! More, please! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Wonderful images of a fun trip you had.

Anonymous said...

Your grand parents gave you a beautiful gift!
I think Célestine has loved this fall's holiday! ;) I love to see her in the boat and her tiny boat toy is so cute.
The gifts from Ted are very sweet and cute.
Have a beautiful weekend
Agnès and Capucine

Anonymous said...

Hi Harriet, I m sorry I m so behind, there never seems enough hours sometimes. I loved reading all about your Cornish holiday. Cornwall is my absolute favourite place to visit, we ve been visiting a tiny hamlet called Rezare the past few years, exploring out and about near there. I d love to end my days there :). Celestine s looking fabulous as always, I can see she had the best time too. She s such an adventurer,out in her boat :). I m so glad She liked Ted s parcel and the cushion and garland look lovely up in her room . Lots of love Julie xxx