Friday, 21 November 2014


That is a little sketch of Celestine I did when we went to see the fireworks a few weeks ago. She has to wear earmuffs because she doesn't like the bangs. I don't have any actual photos of her at the fireworks because I didn't bring my camera. But here's one from last year that I never put on my blog.

Celestine loves fireworks. Her favourite are the big gold sparkly ones that look like chandeliers dripping glitter from the sky. We had a nice fireworks night because we walked up the road to see them with some friends.

Anyway November, November. I have mostly been busy with sketching out a dummy for a new book which is taking a while. I don't know why but dummy books always take me agggges. So I have nothing new to show here really. 

It's definitely cold now. Last night we popped out to the shop and I was surprised to feel how cold it's got. And it's so misty at the moment. Misty mornings and misty dark driving. I bought a cream fur coat with a hood when we visited Henry's mum at the weekend. It is so soft and pristine that I have put it in my wardrobe and not worn it yet! But it is for wearing and I must get it out. One thing that always delights me about the winter months is the amount of sparkle in the shops. I always say that when you start seeing gold glittery heels in the shops, you know Christmas is on it's way. 

I loooove these gold booties. I didn't buy them because I don't have the legs for that style of boot so I took a picture instead. Sometimes I think taking a picture of something you love is almost as good. It still gives you that nice feeling when you look at it.  Glamorous, glittery, Christmassy, wintery boots.  Actually they are exactly the sort of things Celestine might have in her wardrobe. She loves gold.

Oh you know what else I've been loving lately. The M&S Christmas advert with the two fairies flying through the snowy city, making magic, flying through the chimney smoke, shooting red and white sparks from their fingertips. Definitely the best advert of all the big Christmas ones this year. I much prefer magical Christmas adverts to those over sentimentalized ones.

For all this talk of Christmas though, I'm not actually feeling very Christmassy yet. Unrelated but Henry and I really really thought we would be in our own house for Christmas this year but things have not gone to plan with that. There's been some complications with the house we were trying to buy and we have had to pull out. We were so sad about it as we love love loved the house (technically it was a flat but it felt like a house because it was on two floors) but I think it will be for the best.Well, I know it will be for the best. I won't say any more about it here as I don't want to jinx anything this time! 

I have really realised what a stressful business trying to buy a house it though. Seriously, we were up and down like a rollorcoaster for ages! 

November is for: Changing up my hair. I wanted to do it half black half white but I managed to refrain myself from doing that. Would have been a nightmare to upkeep. 

November is for: wearing gloves and my new furry hat, making Christmas cakes with the children at Craft Club. Nutmeg and cinnamon and candied peel, marzipan-ing and making a wish when we stir. Cycling in the early morning mist, chocolate truffle treats from the supermarket, shopping and house viewings, watching Mr Brooks (good film) and Rosemary's Baby, starting to make Christmas cards, listening to Affinity and reading Goth Girl, orange and yellow roses, discovering diamond star necklaces that are far too expensive to buy *sniff* and...

A tiny toadstool card/letter in the post from Polly. Celestine has stolen it away to put up in her castle.

Aaaand that is all!

Hope you're having a nice November.


Plushpussycat said...

Good to hear from you, Harriet! Love that photo of Celestine with the fireworks. Wishing you good house luck! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Nice to keep busy during these gloomy wet weather. I have been busy painting, done three this month and about to start another one. Have a great rest of November. Love the drawing of Celestine.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo of Celestine, She looks so cosy all wrapped up. The chandelier fireworks are my favourite too. I m so sorry to hear all did not go well with the house, fingers crossed for better news. I love the M&S advert too, love anything with fairies. Love the fur coat and sparkly boots, I can just see Celestine wearing those too. Take care lovely, xxxxx