Sunday, 7 December 2014

Celestine's Castle Bedroom

I can't believe it! Finally, finally I have finished one of the rooms in the castle! It's been a long time coming. Celestine is especially pleased becasue it means she can have a proper glamorous bedroom now with all her favourite things in their right places.

So... here we go!

The dressing table is Celestine' favourite thing in her bedroom. Being a little bit vain, she loves to sit in front of it and bat her eyelashes in front of the mirror. She also loves that it is the place for her jewellery box, keeping all her precious jewels safe. Her lucky, gold Cornish pisky is sitting on the left side of her dressing table, surrounded by her birthday necklace which she likes to have on display. 

She has a multicoloured Tiffany lamp next to her bed and also a birthday card she received from a friend.

Here is her bed. At first she was going to have a jewel toned, multicoloured patchwork quilt but when I made it, it didn't quite go in the room. It looked a bit too brash and distracted from all the gems in the room. In the end I made the quilt from some cream, gold, starry fabric which I think goes much better. Celestine agrees. It looks more elegant for a castle than a patchwork quilt. 

Above her bed she has a picture of Dorrie the little witch from my very very very favourite series of children's books of all time.

That's Stardust her favourite bear- not sure if he's been mentioned on this blog before...?

There are three different kinds of lighting in the room. Fairylights around the top of the walls, a chandelier and also the tiffany lamp.

Here we have the shelf which houses lots of Celestine's favourite things. A ballerina doll, Paddington Bear (we went to see the film on Friday, it was excellent) her pink giraffe, her Nessie which she took to Scotland, an amythyst chip, some gemmed up notebooks and her birthday crown. These are all things which have been waiting to be put in their proper place in the castle for absolutely ages. Literally years some of them!

Next to the Dorrie picture on the right is a picture of Tottie. I blogged about this book a while back.  On the left to Dorrie, though you can't really see well in this picture, is Mrs Pepperpot. I love Mrs Pepperpot! So does Celestine. She is a little old woman who can shrink to the size of a pepperpot.

And here is the whole of the bedroom!

 Aaand with all the lights on,

And even more zoomed out! You can see how messy/unfinished the rest of the castle still is haha. Actually if you look really close you can see Celestine wrapped up in what she called her 'refugee blanket' in the dark dining room. She was evacuated from her bedroom so photos could be taken.

The 'refugee blanket' is actually the patchwork quilt that I didn't use for the bedroom in the end. 

Anyway, one day I will finish it. But for now I am just glad I have managed to do one room. And Celestine is delighted which is the most important thing ;)


Aranera said...

This is such a nice room! I love all the lights and especially all the little details that really 'make' the room (the bookcase with her favourite things, pictures on the wall etc). I haven't commented before on your blog but I do frequent it from time to time, and really enjoy seeing the lovely pictures you take of Celestine :)
A x

miniacollection said...

What a great bedroom! Celestine can be proud of it. You've managed to put the most exquisite detaisl in it.

Anonymous said...

I love to see Célestine in her refugee blanket! She makes me laugh as always! ;)
Now she is very happy with her new amazing room...I think it is the must beautiful room I've ever seen.
Thank you for this room tour.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful room for Celestine! I love the little blue trunk at the foot of her bed. Love seeing the tour of her room and to see the rest of her house. So cute!

Polly said...

Oh my goodness the star wardrobe and chest are amazing! Well, it's all amazing. But those are my favourites. It's a lovely room. Can't wait to see how you decorate your own house when you get one!

Plushpussycat said...

Wow! Celestine is a very lucky girl to have such a beautiful bedroom. I can see that you're far along at finishing the other rooms too--the castle is wonderful! xo Jennifer

dawnb said...

The room looks amazing, I can't wait to see the rest finished :) love the pictures on the wall, I love tottie! :)

julie basiletti said...

Celestines room is so amazing, what a lucky girl. I love all of the lighting and jewels,it's so sparkly and pretty. I'm sure Celestine will enjoy the sweetest dreams in her new room . Xxxx lots of love Julie & Ted Xxxx

Jane Chérie said...

I am in awe. I don't know what to say it's just so incredibly beautiful! I love how you decorated everything in such minute details. The size is just right and the little objects in her room are totally in style with your adorable Celestine! I am so looking forward to see how you decorate the other rooms! You inspire me to finally decorate one of my long neglected dollhouse!