Sunday, 11 January 2015

A New Years Eve Party

On New Years Eve something very special arrived for Celestine in the post. 

It was an invitation from Dixie and Percy to their New Years Eve tea party. It arrived just in time!

It was a very fancy invitation because it wasn't just a letter. It was a matchbox full of things. 

There was a string of baubles, a teacup with a lemon slice on the side, a tiny cracker (Celestine had never had a cracker before so she was very excited about that) and a starry letter down at the bottom. It was like a magical wizards box of treats.

Celestine sat down to have a cup of tea from the teacup to calm herself from all the excitement before she got ready for the party. 

Then she went to find her very best gold bow to put on. Unfortunately she couldn't find it so her second best (red) bow had to make do. But she matched it with her very posh ruby necklace instead.

Then she put on her coat and checked the address in the letter one more time so as not to go to the wrong place...

And she was off!

She said afterwards that she had a lovely time. She said Dixie and Percy looked very smart with their bow ties and combed whiskers. 

Wasn't she lucky to get invited to such a nice party?


Anonymous said...

This invitation is adorable!Célestine is very lucky!

Plushpussycat said...

How fun! Celestine looks gorgeous! xo Jennifer

miniacollection said...

Really sweet and cute!