Sunday, 8 March 2015

a post about miniatures

This week there was a programme on TV about dolls houses and Lauren Child. Being interested in miniatures and illustration, a programme combining both these things was right up my street. So I watched it, of course (it's on iplayer for another twenty something days if you're interested in watching it too.) It was very inspiring actually.

What I really loved about it was getting to see Lauren Childs own dolls house that she has been working on for 30 years. It was beeeautiful. And it also really looked like Lauren Childs dolls house- if you know what her illustration work is like then you will know what I mean! The colours and the patterns and the shape and design of the furniture... and I love the lighting!

Here, I did a screen shot for you:

And some inside shots. Beautiful kitchen! I love the spindly little coloured glass bottles.

I also love how she has put one of her own illustrations up on the wall in miniature:

And look, there's some tiny alcohol bottles in that red cupboard...

Not sure which room this was in but I like this little cupboard space too:

The programme is called 'Secret Knowledge: The Private Life of a Doll's house. I also liked how it explored the reasons why some people love dolls houses so much- they allow you to control and escape into a tiny little world of your own. Also dolls houses tell stories.

Talking of miniatures, I also just wanted to highlight an etsy shop I discovered last year called Nalladris.  The reason I love this shop so much is because it sell the most exquisite, glittering miniature jewellery. I have mentioned this shop before last year when I bought Celestine a tiny mauve necklace but I thought it was worth mentioning again.

Just look at the tiny sparkles!

I wish I could buy ALL the jewellery in that shop!


Plushpussycat said...

Thanks for making the screenshots for us. It's so fun looking into another person's mini world. That jewelry is gorgeous. Does Celestine have some new jewelry to show us? Ooh, fun! xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Great post and wonderful images!

miniacollection said...

I saw this programon you tube, it was fascinating. I love Laurenc Child's books. Thank you for the Etsy shop link.