Monday, 23 March 2015

Postcards from Penguin and a miniature fishing rod

As you may or may not know, Celestine has been on holiday for quite a while. A bit too long in my opinion. I received a postcard from her a while back but then nothing. She was obviusly having too good a time. 

Well, Celestine has a friend called Penguin who belongs to my friend Sian. Penguin suddenly went missing for a while too and Sian and I wondered if maybe Celestine and Penguin had gone off together on holiday.

Then, tiny postcards began to appear at Sians house from Penguin. It turned out that indeed he and Celestine were on holiday together. 

And what a holiday they've been on!

They went to Hawaii, Italy, Switzerland, France and Cornwall!

Jealous doesn't begin cover it. 

Anyway, Celestine is finally home from her long holiday. She arrived back home yesterday with a battered suitcase and sand in her hair. She was surprised to see that we had moved house in the time that she'd been away. She went straight out to explore the river nearby and practice using her new fishing rod that Carol made for her.

It was actually made for Celestine a few months ago but the weather has been cold and then Celestine has been on holiday so it didn't get its proper first outing until yesterday. Isn't it amazing though! I am in awe of how Carol has made it out of what looks like a tiny, thin piece of bamboo and some cork and string and wire.

Celestine didn't catch anything but she still had fun.

Hopefully she won't disappear for so long again anytime soon!


Plushpussycat said...

Yes, hopefully she won't disappear so long again. It's always a treat to see her. Love the tiny fishing rod--what fun! xo Jennifer

Jackie M said...

What fun and adventures Celestine and Penguin have had! I love the postcards and how lucky is Celestine to arrive at her new home and have a beautiful fishing rod waiting for her!Jackie x

marga said...

¡me encanta! :)