Thursday, 2 April 2015

Miniatura 2015 and other things

Let's start with a selfie! A Celestine selfie!

This was taken on Saturday at a train station in Birmingham. We went to visit Henrys mum in Derby  for the weekend and I took a train across to Birmingham on the Saturday so I could go to Miniatura as Birmingham is not too far from Derby. It was a fun little trip. Of course Celestine came too. She wouldn't miss out on a trip to Miniatura!

The other picture is a little pack of patchwork fabric that my mums friend brought back for me from Liberty in London. That's the exact kind of little present I love to receive! I am going to make some summer clothes for Celestine with the fabric when I have time. She's going to go all flowery!

Back to Miniatura. It was nice to go there on my own actually, not having to worry that Henry is bored outside when I take an absolute age to look at everything. Also it was nice that I had birthday money so didn't feel too bad buying quite a few things. 

I bought the most beautiful little string of miniature colour changing multicoloured fairy lights! Celestine's tree is going to be a stunner this Christmas. That was my favourite thing I bought. I don't have a good picture of them though. 

Here we are on the train on the way to Miniatura. We had to change at Birmingham New Street station to get a train to the NEC. I have to say, Birmingham train station is horrible. Really! So gloomy! I have never seen such a gloomy train station. I felt like i was in Jacobs Ladder or underground. It was all dark and covered and massive.

Celestine wasn't that impressed either. Look how dark it is!

Anyway. So that was fun. Miniatura. 

On the subject of miniatures here are a few of Celestine's castle since she has been home. She is very pleased to be home back in her castle with all her favourite things and all her jewels.

What else? Craft club! recently in craft club I have been introducing the idea of 'mascots' and miniatures. Some of the kids have really taken to it. I think it's one of those things you just get or your just not bothered about. 

Here's one of the 'mascots' with its growing wardrobe of clothes:

On the last session before Easter we had an easter teaparty using mini chairs and tables that the children had made in previous weeks (from lolly sticks). there was a treasure hunt and real tiny cake. I always like the miniature food to be real if possible. The eggs on the cake are mini eggs but mini mini ones! I found them in Sainsburys.

The children made tiny sandwiches for the mascots and also their own miniature Easter cakes. There they are sitting round the table with their sandwiches!

So that was fun.

Let's finish with a very serious selfie (to go full circle!) because it's not all about Celestine.. and some other pictures... just of life and stuff and stuff...

We are still LOVING being in our own house. Loving the evening sunlight coming through the windows. I am working and practicing my 2d, flat illustration for a book I am illustrating. Going to London, walking on the hills, eating the cherry choc slices that Henry made for me (they are the most delicious things ever invented I swear, I'll have to share them here one day) dreaming of all the tiny sunshiny yellow, red, orange, flower crown, summery things I want to make for Celestine, eating berries for breakfast every day, I love berries, wanting platinum blonde scarecrow hair- what am I thinking? watching lots of films and series, seeing friends, trying to keep to my new years resolutions, trying to focus, reorganising my studio into a much better configuration... sleeping a lot. Henry goes on Easter holidays tomorrow which is nice.

And that is all!



Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your part of the world. That is something I would be interested in seeing the miniature place you visited. Have a great Easter!

Plushpussycat said...

I love the ice cream sundae you bought at the fair, plus the mascots having tea with real cakes--wow! The bunny's clothes are adorable too--thanks for the update! xo Jennifer

Manon Visser said...

It is wonderful to catch up with what you have been op to. It sounds like a dream. All things small are always good I think it helps me to see the world from a different place, it makes me smile and happy.Manonxx

Jackie M said...

What a great post, there is so much to enjoy, thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos with us!

Jackie x