Thursday, 16 April 2015


These past few weeks have been all warm golden sunshine. Celestine has been eating ice lollies in the garden (grape and raspberry flavoured) and we have been eating outside, putting up tents outside (to test them for camping later this year) lying outside, reading outside, walking outside. It's been especially nice because Henry has been on his Easter holiday- perks of being a teacher! Some days have just been actual summer springy perfection with lunch outside on the picnic rug with friends, playing in the park and walking round the hills. We have been up to Nottingham to see Henry's family and we took his Gran to a miniatures fair where I found THE perfect boat for Celestine. I know she already has a boat but this one is far FAR better. I need to varnish it before it can go in the water but I am so pleased because I have been looking for something exactly like it for an age! I often scour ebay for the perfect miniature boat but it has been hard to find. I think because miniature boats are either plasticky and for kids or they are model makers boats so not very suitable for going in the water, or not the right scale. I THINK I've found the holy grail of miniature boats now, finally! I seem to have done well for miniatures lately.

Do you like Celestine's hat in the picture above? I thought it was quite sweet but Henry thought it looked too 'perched' on top of her head. Perchy hat! Celestine and her funny little perchy hat. I think it's just quite shallow.

Now I am going to try this for fun. What have I been doing?

MAKING pictures. For books. In 2d (!!!) for a change.

WATCHING we just finished the first series of True Detective - SO good. Also for some reason we watched Jane Eyre last night which was also pretty good.

COOKING Over Easter Henry cooked me a special dinner from our middle eastern cookbook which was all aubergines and tabbouleh and hummus and stuff. It was delicious.

DRINKING gallons of sparkling water as always!

READING various different things. Book hopping! I am currently listening to The Night Circus on audiobook too.

LOOKING forward to being able to go to Turkey with Henry's mum when we can afford it (HOPEFULLY sometime this year). It's going to be so exciting when we do go! Celestine has started planning for the trip too, she has been looking up miniature sun loungers. We are crossing our fingers that we might be able to go sometime this summer... maybe. We will have to see.

These ones look good:
Lundby Stockholm Sunbeds and Parasol set
via amazon
BUYING not a lot but a few miniatures. The day before yesterday, the last day of Henrys Easter holidays, we walked to this mini shopping village place near our village. It has an old fashioned style sweetshop and a wedding dress shop and a bear shop etc, all fun shops. And and antique shop where I found a tiny little bureau for Celestine's castle. I've been looking for the perfect desk for her 'study/office' room in the castle for ages. So that was a great find. It does need painting and touching up though. I am thinking either silver of black with silver stars.

PLAYING  with my castle! haha. I have been sorting out all my miniatures and organising them into boxes and arranging a few things in the actual castle. You can see Celestine's dining room is coming along nicely. I got the little silver plates at the weekend when we visited Henry's family. 

WISHING  I could multitask more rather that always having to be so focused on just one thing. I can't seem to work any other way though.

BAKING  my ideal chocolate cake with buttery buttercream and crackly chocolate on the top and m&ms. All gone now.

ENJOYING  the sunshine and the way the light shines into our house all the time. Also I am enjoying the challenge of creating books in 2d (flat art) rather than building 3d sets all the time. It's a lot less messy.

WALKING  round the hills nearly every day. We found a rope swing there the other day when we were walking with a friend and we all had a go on it, swinging out over a very very steep hill.

NEEDING more time!! I feel like my life is slipping by way too fast at the moment. It seemed like only yesterday it was Christmas. I just can't believe how fast time is flying. Stop!!

SMELLING my FAVOURITE perfume, the one by Hotel Chocolat. It smells of sun and holdiays and Dubai for some reason. I love it.

EATING well Celestine has been wading through her Easter egg. She got a pink spotty one this year.

I think that's enough now - I'm running out of things!

I hope you are having a nice sunny springy spring!

Until next time! X


Plushpussycat said...

Fun post! I can't wait to see Celestine's boat! The castle too! I want to see it all! :-D xo Jennifer

Stephanie said...

Fabulous shots. Those flowers are so pretty! Nice to see Celestine enjoying life.

Jackie M said...

It sounds as if you've been having an idyllic time, thanks so much for your lovely post and the photos. I particularly adore the one of Celestine with her lolly amongst that beautiful carpet of violets!

Jackie x