Saturday, 30 May 2015


Celestine loves to preen at her dressing table.

She also LOVES the color gold. It is her favourite. I spotted this gold glittery Dior ribbon in the ribbon box at craft club the other day. It screamed 'Celestine!' so I took it and will make her something suitably fashionable out of it when I have time. 

Also, these gold boots. ♥ Celestine was very jealous when I bought these. She wants me to make her an exact replica in miniature. I said I would try but I'm not quite sure how to make the stilletto heel...

Gold boots for Celestine. My next project after all my other projects!

Have a happy weekend! x


Stephanie said...

Love the boots!

Plushpussycat said...

Fun! Maybe you can make the boot heels from polymer clay. Once baked, it should be strong. Celestine is so lucky to have you to make her so many fun and beautiful things! xo Jennifer

Jackie M said...

Celestine is so lucky, I'm not surprised she loves to preen herself at her gorgeous dressing table! Love the gold boots too! xx