Thursday, 31 December 2015

★ 2015 in Review ★

The word for 2015 has been 'busy.' I started out with a huge list of New Years resolutions (I love goal setting!) and I did manage to achieve quite a few of them. I really wanted to make an effort to focus more on my illustration/writing this year after having let it slide a bit in 2014.


The first goal I set myself was to find a publisher for the 'secret project' I had been working on back in Autumn 2014. Or more specifically to officially sign a contract for it and start work on it. I only say it's a 'secret' (sorry to be annoying) because obviously I can't put it on the internet yet. But hopefully it won't be too long before I can reveal what I have been working on. It's the best project I've ever worked on and I am extremely passionate about it. All will be revealed in 2016!

But I will just say... that it involves Pink Rabbit. Here is a very very small sneaky peek of an illustration.
The other goal I set myself was to finish a picture book I had been working on for a long time with another publisher. It was really great to finally start working properly on this book this year and also to illustrate it in 2d rather than 3d! I actually did very little 3d work this year and I want to continue exploring my 2d style in 2016.

This book should be out next year too. It's a Christmas one! I am excited for you to see it. Here's a little peek...

I worked on the two above projects simultaneously through out the second half of the year which is why at times I was almost too busy.

Pen and ink seems to have been my medium lately!

In July my second Witch's Cat book came out so that was exciting. Happy Halloween Witch's Cat.

And in August The Night Before Christmas came out, illustrated by me in 3d so that was also exciting! I started this book at the end of 2014 but it carried through until about March 2015 so one of my goals at the start of the year was to get it finished. This was the only 3d work I did this year.

The Glitterbelle books (illustrated by me in 3d) also came out this year, in January. It seems so long ago now!

This was my favourite of all the Glitterbelle illustrations. It's one of the front covers.

January 2015 was a busy month because it was when we moved house. At last!! It was long overdue. I put 'move into a house' as one of my goals for the year as I know these things can always fall though. Luckily it didn't this time (the one we tried to buy before it did fall through) and we moved in in January. We have absolutely  loved living in our house this year and we adore the place that we live in. It's been amazing.

It's been especially amazing to have my own studio rather than having to work in my bedroom like I was before.

We went on two holidays in 2015. I actually put 'go to Turkey with Henry's Mum and have fun,' (haha) on my list of goals for this year so I am pleased we managed to do that.

Celestine came too of course and I took some photos of her:

I also took photos of Celestine when we went camping in Cornwall. Camping was not something that I started out the year planning to do, it was more of an impulse decision. I managed to capture a dream shot of Celestine on this holiday. I've always wanted to get a picture of her boating in an idyllic lagoon and I managed it!! It took sooo many shots to get the perfect one though... the water rippled just right and everything.

Other, smaller things that happened this year were:

Dying my hair back to pink - well not all of it but a lot of it. I so much prefer it. Both these photos were taken at a wedding. We went to six weddings this year! Six! It's the season of weddings in my life haha.

I went to Miniatura in Birmingham which was great and I also discovered the Kensington Dollshouse Festival. I say 'discovered' because I had just never been before. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I went twice this year - to the Christmas one as well. The quality of the miniatures there was absolutely stunning. 

We went to see James Acaster live which was hilarious. He is my favourite comedian ever. You should check him out if you don't know who he is. It was such a good night.

Also, I read/listened to lots of books! That was one of my goals for the year. I wanted to listen to books instead of watching trashy tv shows while I work. I actually managed to achieve this which I am very pleased about. I read around 62 not including picture books. Here they all are! A lot of them I really, really enjoyed, some of them were ok and a few I hated.

So over all I am pleased with the things I achieved in 2015 and I am looking forward to 2016. I have some exciting things planned for next year and I look forward to sharing them with you on my blog!

Some of my goals for 2016 include:

Finishing the books I am in the middle of working on.
Continue reading lots of books.
Continue working in 2d rather than 3d.
Make an illustrated Christmas card! (I wanted to do it this year and it was on my lost of goals but I ran out of time)
Go to church more. I let this slide this year because of moving house etc but I miss going.
Make myself write in a journal every day for practice.
Work on Victoria Stitch. She has been neglected for a while now and needs some attention. Poor Victoria Stitch - she's even had Pink Rabbit taken away from her now!
Work up a picture book idea for my dino kids (below) I've finally had a story idea for them.

I hope you've had a wonderful year. Here's to stepping into 2016 tomorrow!


Plushpussycat said...

Very impressive! That's quite a list of goals accomplished. I love seeing all the photos from your various projects. Celestine looks especially cute sunbathing in Turkey. ☺ xo Jennifer

arenanaheim said...

I just LOVE the pic of your studio and all the 'Dorrie the Witch' pics on your wall. Also, what is the pic of the little girl "flying" down the pink stairs? Is that another upcoming book? I hope so! xo Arena Naheim

Jackie M said...

I always love reading your posts and admiring your photos Harriet, thanks so much! Congratulations on so many fab achievements too, you had a great year! I bought The Night Before Christmas and had it on display over Christmas, your pictures are gorgeous, so cosy and comforting. I just love all the photos featuring Celestine and her bespoke outfits, she is a very lucky girl! Wishing you all the best for 2016 and looking forward to more updates when you have time.

Jackie x

Victoria Stitch said...

Thank you all for your comments. Arena Naheim, yes that is another upcoming book, will be out this year, I am so excited about it!! I't s about a little vampire fairy!