Friday, 4 December 2015

Celestine's Birthday and Catch Up!

It's been a while and I have a lot to catch up on. If you follow me on instagram then you'll probably have seen most of these photos already but I like to have them on my blog as well.

Firstly, Celestine's birthday. This was ages ago now - back in September! But I have had no time to edit/upload so that's why they're going up now.

Here she is at her birthday table. Her friend Matilda who has been featured before came to the party.


They had a lot of nice food (though there weren't a lot of savoury options...)

To Celestine and Matilda, sprinkles are like sweets!

Celestine wore her new necklace. It was made by Nalladris. It is so sparkly! I'm not going to lie, I did theme the whole party round the pink necklace...

And french fancies did have to be bought...

Matilda and Celestine started out quite demurely, sipping their tea (ahem whiskey for Matilda) from their cups. Henrietta made a crown for Matilda with the 3doodler.

But things soon went downhill...

Matilda had a little too much whiskey as usual...

And ended up in the cakes...

Then she partook in a bit of drunk driving on Celestine's scooter. Tut tut. Luckily there were no other miniature drivers on the patio that day. 

Overall though, it was a good party and Celestine and Matilda enjoyed themselves which in the important thing.

So that was that.

Speaking of Nalladris I also bought this absolutely exquisite little star tiara from there recently-ish. It's got 170 sparkling crystals in it. It is sooo beautiful! I will have to do a seperate post one day on all the jewellery Celestine owns....

 I dyed my hair pink again (quite a while ago now.)

We went on lots of walks, especially in Autumn.

And then there was Halloween!

We went to a wedding on actual Halloween. Celestine wrote a Halloween letter to her friends Dixie and Percy in her red witch's hat and cape. She enjoyed getting her pumpkin tea set out. (Made by Sally Meekins ceramics.)

And then there was fireworks night! Celestine came too of course and wore her bobble hat. There was a massive bonfire.

And let's just take a moment to admire this tiny little rainbow cardigan. Made by suedehead on etsy. It is so small!! I asked for the arms to be made a little bit longer because Celestine has longer arms than the dolls it is supposed to be made for.

It fits her perfectly. 

We also bought a new chest of drawers a few months ago and when we opened one of the drawers it had this tiny magic wand in it! I enjoyed that.

I just realised this whole post is basically just about Celestine! Whoops!

Well, that's probably because I have just been working mainly lately. Working working working. Which is fine because I enjoy it. But it seems Celestine has been living my life for me lately while I work! haha.


Anonymous said...

What a great post Harriet...I laughed a lot about the anniversary of Celestine! :D
Mathilde is hilarious in the cake! lol
What about the driving on the scooter...imagine if Capucine and Eglantine was on the patio with their big bike! hahaha
The Nalladris crown is amazing and so gorgeous...I think Celestine is rich! ;)
You are very pretty with your pink hair, I love this color!
I love the Halloween card..Celestine is a great artist.
The cardigan is wonderful and Celestine is beautiful with it!
I'm happy if your post is basically just about know that I love her so much! ;)
Have a nice weekend.

Stephanie said...

It all looks great! Love the little rainbow colored sweater.

Erin K said...

I know I have vanishied for quite some time too...but wow! So much adorableness here! I have missed your blog so, so much! Happy (late) Birthday Celestine! Your as gorgeous as ever. <3